Meme starts Year 2

Meme starts Year 2

After possibly the fastest summer holidays ever it is September and back to school for my lovely Meme.

I can’t believe that it has been 2 years that she started school nervous, scared and struggling to settle in. I look at her now and she has grown so much in confidence. She makes me so proud.

Typically on the first day it was heavy rain for the school run and to make matters worse we woke her up a little late so when I look at the obligatory first day of school pictures that I took (on my husband’s phone as I had forgotten to charge up my camera!) they make me smile as she looks a little bedraggled – now she usually looks like this by the time Friday comes and not on the first day of school!!  Her toothy grin makes me giggle  and the expression on her face which maybe is not the usual smile you wish for when taking a picture really shows her character!

It was a good week for her although tiring, and for me well its like we have never been away!!


First Day of School


14 thoughts on “Meme starts Year 2

  1. Hope this week goes well and the first weeks back always seem to be so tiring for the little ones don’t they. #LivingArrows

  2. She’s in the same year as N. Hope her first week back went well. If you write any school themed posts, do come and link up to School days #livingarrows

  3. Beautiful photos – love the missing teeth – Izzie’s were missing last year and this years photos look so weird now she has teeth again! I hope the first week went well for you all xx

  4. Her smile is the cutest and one that you’ll remember! The school years are flying by aren’t they!? She looks so grown up – especially with the missing teeth! x

  5. Oh bless her, I cannot imagine the school photos 2 years from now! The happy teeth photos – one she’ll hate as a teen but will look back on fondly as a grown up x #LivingArrows

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