My lovely boy turns 1.

My lovely boy turns 1.

On 29th December my baby boy turned one. Such a cliche but where did the time go? I can actually remember the morning he was born so vividly. The moment he was placed into my arms and we discovered he was a boy, I remember his tiny body covered in fine little hairs and he would lie next to me feeding – so tiny and so precious. I can still remember his delicious baby smell. These memories are still so clear, how can they possibly be whole year ago?

He is the happiest and most chilled out little boy. He started crawling at 11 months and he loves nothing more than exploring everything. We have lots of babbling and he is always saying Mamma and Dadda. He looks like he understands every single word we say.

It has been a really special year and I can honestly say I have cherished every moment. As Alfie is my final child it has been a bittersweet year of firsts and lasts. Everyday he changes a little more and I see a little less of my baby and a little more of a toddler emerging.

I never thought I would have a boy and truthfully I never realised how much I wanted a boy until Alfie came along. He has brought such joy to our family and he really was the missing piece of our family puzzle. I feel so blessed to experience being a Mum to both girls and a boy.

So happy birthday my lovely baby – you are very much loved.

Alfie'stiny feet



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  1. I can’t believe it’s been a year either – it seems to have flown by! Love, love, love the baby photos, he’s so beautiful. It’s amazing how quickly it all goes and it’s lovely that you have cherished it,just think how much fun this next year will bring! xx

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