It’s like riding a bike

It’s like riding a bike

The last few weekends have had a similar theme – bike riding. I have made no secret about the fact my husband is a huge fan of bike riding and as soon as the girls were walking he pretty much had them on a balance bike.

Meme loves her bike and her and my husband often go off together on crazy bike rides. They both thoroughly enjoy it. Last Christmas Harri got a bike of her own and since then we have been trying to encourage her to ride without her stabilisers.

Harri is just as able as her big sister yet she just isn’t as determined (she is very much like me) she has been riding without them for a while but has always insisted that my husband keep hold of her. That was until a few weeks ago, it is like something just clicked. All of a sudden she had the confidence to go it alone, she was away! And she hasn’t stopped riding since, she wants to go bike riding every weekend, so that is what we have been doing.

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  1. Well done Harri. I think my daughter is older than you and she’s just recently learned to ride her bike without stabilizers 🙂 It’s good to have them out biking, isn’t it, especially when the weather is good 🙂 #countrykids

  2. My third child went through a similar process with bike riding – he could fly on his balance bike and he could cycle on his toy tractor, but he only put the two together earlier this year. He hasn’t stopped cycling since! Enjoy the bike rides!

  3. It’s always great when you can go on a family bike ride with everyone on their own bike, I bet the girls will love riding off together. It’s funny how some kids will refuse to cycle on their own for a while and all of a sudden get their confidence. I bet Meme and Harri loved cycling along the seafront together.

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  4. Oh that’s lovely! We have been just the same this past few weeks, Lia has recently learnt to ride her bike and she’s loving it. I do still have to run alongside her though because she goes like a train but can’t stop in much of a hurry and I worry about her taking someone out! Well done Harri for having the confidence to go for it! Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips

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