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In the years that me and my husband have been together (we met in 2003) we have owned a total of 10 cars between us, which I think is a lot!!! Each car has a story and owns a special piece in our history. Here are some of our favourites:

The First Car – The Ford KA. I passed my test 16 years ago (writing that makes me feel old!) and the very next day I went with my Dad to buy my very first car, I will never forget the excitement of being able to drive and the freedom that if gave me. When you first pass your driving test you are happy to drive everywhere and everyone, and that’s what I did! My lovely KA will always hold a special place in my heart.

His Dream Car – My husband always always wanted a Lotus and not long after he me he finally bought an Elise, and it was pretty cool. He loved it and, although it wasn’t the most practical, it was lots of fun. Of course he had to sell it once Meme came along (I think he was a little heartbroken!), but I am glad he got to experience his dream car, and maybe one day we will get it back again.

My Dream Car – I’ve always wanted a Mini Cooper and I finally managed to get one in my late twenties. It was dark blue, with a white roof, white wheels and white stripes along the front. I loved it!!! It lived up to everything I thought it would. I had to sell it in the end as we couldn’t fit Meme’s pram into the boot – I am not embarrassed to say I cried.

The Economical Car – Parents to one and another on the way we needed an economical and efficient car – but one that looked good! The Honda Civic fit the bill and coincidentally the only car which is in the list below! It was a great car and worked well for us, well that was until we welcomed baby number 3.

The Family Car – or the adventure bus as we call it, a BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer. We love a good road trip so we needed a big car that would fit us as a family of 5 as well as all of the ‘stuff’ that we take along with us. Now this might not be the sleekest or fanciest of cars but we love it and already in the 2 years that we have owned it we have been on so many adventures together – it has to be our favourite to date!

Tyre City has put together the below infographic – does your car rank?

21 thoughts on “#Instagramyourcar with Tyre City

  1. wow as if the Honda civic made the list of most instagrammed cars! These are all awesome cars and the jeep cherokee is my fav! great post and very insightful!

  2. I love this! I have a BMW 4 series convertible. I see it a lot, but maybe I am looking at a different side of Instagram! 🙂

  3. Wow 10 cars is definitely a lot! I actually don’t love the Jeep Wranglers but I guess it would look a lot better on a beach than in the country haha! We just bought a new one and I absolutely love it, crazy how much difference a nice car can make.
    Soph – x

  4. I drive Audi Q5 and I am 100% happy with it for now. But once the time comes these photo tips will come handy. Thanks for great ideas!

  5. My dream car is a Volvo XC90 and we were lucky enough to borrow one on our recent holiday……….photographing it was’t easy as its huge!

  6. I almost bought a Wrangler. I opted not to in the end but it was def. a contender. I would have instagrammed it all of the time. 😉

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