Homeschooling Week 3.

Homeschooling Week 3.

Homeschooling week 3. It was without a doubt the toughest week so far. The novelty of the school closures has definitely gone. It was also supposed to be the first week of the Easter holidays so although we planned to still do a little bit of school work, we didn’t have a set time table. This was definitely a mistake. We struggled without it.

We have had lots of fun but I think at times boredom set in for all of us. I have struggled to find a little space for myself in this very busy house.

We were luck enough to be sent some really cool toys from Spin Master to review a Kumi Kreator and Nail Stamper.  So we have been busy making friendship bracelets and painting our nails. The girls loved these products and we will probably use the nail stamper for our beauty hour each week.

Nail Stamper


Since the closure of the schools I have been encouraging my girls to record this time in a diary. My friend sent me a document to record the diary in so I sat with all three children and started to complete it. it is really fun to fill in and even Alfie enjoyed it.

Homeschool diary

The weather has been so lovely. We have had lots of outside play as well as our daily walks with Daddy. Which have helped break up our days making homeschooling so much easier. We had some slime to make which was amazing. I usually hate stuff like this but it was so easy to make. It also kept the girls entertained for hours, playing the Bake Off and pretending to be Mary Berry (it was so funny listening to them!).

Homeschooling week 3

We have also been making lots of soup for lunch and the girls are very enthusiastic about helping which is sweet.

A productive week but we all definitely need a little bit of structure.

How are you finding homeschooling?

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