Happy List #7

Happy List #7

Oh it has been once of those weeks that I am so glad to see the back off. My husband has been away, I had car troubles and I am generally feeling a bit sorry for myself – I have had to dig deep to find some happy moments but of course with my 2 lovely ladies there is always giggles and smiles at some point.

Here is what has kept me going this week:

  • My big girl completed the 5k! I know I say this all the time but honestly that girl amazes me! I am so proud of her she really tries so hard at everything she does. I cant even believe that she is mine!
  • Meme’s party was a success. We had the loveliest time as did Harri who loves playing with the big kids.
  • I had a good catch up on Monday with my best friend – I don’t see her as often as I like but oh how I miss her. She makes me feel like Natalie and not just Meme and Harri’s Mummy.
  • I am finally getting around to sorting out my Facebook page. I do feel a little lost with Facebook for some reason and find it really confusing but I know I need to get it sorted and am pleased I am making a start (finally!) Oh and thanks to the lovely Laura for giving me a little much needed advice! I would love for you to pop over and give my page a little like.
  • Harri declared she loves Preschool. After 2 years of tears going to nursery this was like music to my ears!

Happy October and have a lovely weekend!

14 thoughts on “Happy List #7

  1. Meeting up with friends always cheers you up doesn’t it. My friends always make a down day brighter.

  2. Ooh thats great news, it just shows that if they get the right pre school it can be amazing, I am so sorry you have had a tough week. Chris used to work away loads when the boys were little and it was so hard. I hope next week is better x

  3. Ah thank you for the mention, you are welcome. I saw you got it sorted with Instagram 🙂 I’m pleased to hear the party went well, it looked a brilliant place to have it. I hope next week is better for you lovely x #happydays

  4. I’m awestruck when children complete a 5k race, was it a ParkRun? Fab list and it sounds like a good week all round. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

  5. Oh I’m glad preschool is going so well! Great to read about the 5k too, my four year old wants to do Park Run with me so it’s encouraging to see that your little one managed the distance, hopefully mine will too.

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