Happy List #18

Happy List #18

It’s been a busy week here at Meme and Harri HQ! My husband has been back in work and my girls have returned to school and preschool. I have been feeling a little blue and hormonal the last few days but I know 2 weeks after giving birth and not a lot of sleep that is to be expected. I am hoping these hormones settle down soon.

Here is what has made me happy this week:

  • – My Mama has came to stay. With my husband returning to work after just a weeks paternity leave my Mum took some time of work to come and help out with the girls and Alfie. She has cleaned, done all my laundry and looked after Alfie so I could get some sleep! Oh I am dreading her going home!
  • My new girls room has been decorated courtesy of my Mum (I really have kept her busy!) We were sent some beautiful wallpaper as part of a campaign we are working on and I cant wait to show of the results. We also have new bunk beds arriving on Monday which we are all very excited about.
  • Me and my Mum went for some beautiful lunch at one of our favourite places The Viking on Wednesday. The girls were at school and Alfie had a good old sleep so it allowed me and my Mum to have a good natter. Being one of 3 girls and having 3 kids of my own I very rarely spend time alone with my Mum so it was real treat.
  • My friend popped around to meet Alfie and took some pictures whilst she was here. She sent them over this week and they are just beautiful. I am delighted with them.
  • We have been spoilt this week with lots of beautiful gifts from friends, school mums and neighbours. We are so very lucky.

Writing this weekly blog post always manages to cheers me up. Tell me about your week?

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  1. Your Mum sounds amazing!! I really appreciated all the help my mum gave me in those first few weeks! Many baby hugs xxx #happydays

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