Get Outdoors This Winter With Lands’ End

Get Outdoors This Winter With Lands’ End

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing.” 

My husband pretty much lives his life by this mantra. It does not matter what the forecast is he is out and about, exploring, adventuring and taking the great outdoors all in. I must admit whilst it took me a while to get on board, I now have to agree with him. Whilst I prefer sunshine and warmth it doesn’t mean I am going to hibernate during the colder months.

As a parent of 3 children the wet winter weekend could be long. We found our children would be much grumpier when stuck inside watching screen and not burning any energy. As would me and my husband. One particular rainy afternoon when everyone was feeling moody and fed up, we decided to go out for a walk. Despite it being cold and wet all almost instantly felt better. These days regardless of the weather forecast we make plans and get outdoors.

We just had to ensure that we had the right clothing. Rain jackets, waterproof clothes warm covers ups, hats, gloves etc. If we didn’t dress according the weather then it would not be a successful and fun trip for anyone. I am generally quite a cold person so it is important I layer up and keep warm with Winter coats and jackets. As a fashion lover it was also important I felt nice and stylish. Rain jackets are also a must for all of the family, as umbrellas can definitely get in the way of having some rainy day fun.

The health benefits of getting outdoors during the winter months are huge. Exercise and outdoor play make us all feel so much better. The kids also are much calmer after they have had a chance to run around outdoors and tire themselves out. It also definitely helps us sleep better.

So as a Mum with years of experience my advice this winter is to stock up on some warm waterproof clothes and get planning some outdoor adventure. Jump in those puddles, explore on those cold gloomy days and make your own sunshine. I promise that you won’t regret it!

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