5 tips when flying with Children

5 tips when flying with Children

Flying with Children can be tricky. If you follow my blog or Instagram page you will know that we like to travel a lot!! However, flying with children especially when you have three. this is not easy as I am sure that you can imagine, especially as our youngest is still only a 22 months.

Whilst we do prefer to travel by car (it may take longer but we do find that it’s generally much easier!) we have been taking our children abroad by plane for almost 8 years, starting when Meme was just 9 months. We have definitely picked up a few tips along the way!!

Here are my 5 top tips for flying with children:

  • Make use of your hand luggage! I remember the days when I would fly with just my handbag which contained a book and a bar of chocolate! We now squeeze as much into hand luggage as possible whilst still ensuring that is fits with the allowance.
  • Snacks and plenty of them. Sounds simple but I have in the past made the mistake of forgetting to buy drinks as I know they are not allowed through security. I then had to listen to one of my children whine for some water as soon as we boarded the plane. Of course we were brought some as soon as they could but obviously people are busy and trying to attend to lots other passengers. Needless to say. I have never forgotten since.
  • Entertainment – my girls always pack a few little toys to take for the flight however, after an hour drive to the airport and then another couple of hours in the airport they are always a little fed up by the time we are ready to fly. I always find a little surprise after take off is a little treat and keeps them entertained for ages, mainly just because it is something the haven’t seen before.
  • Layers – I always find aeroplanes are always too hot or too cold – never quite right. I always make sure we layer up so we can adjust accordingly once we have settled down.
  • iPads – need I say more?

Flying with children will always have its challenges but I am hoping these few tips will help your holiday start a little smoother.







4 thoughts on “5 tips when flying with Children

  1. Flying with children is always such a scary prospect! But I find it’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be (maybe I’m just a pessimist!) Great tips – I highly recommend stickers – they’ve amused Max for hours on flights!

  2. That’s such a cute bag. Living on Jersey means that we are always flying to visit family and friends. I give each of my children a bag each and they can fill it with snacks, toys, books, Kindle and stickers. It’s amazing how long stickers keep them entertained for!

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