Crafty Tuesdays

Crafty Tuesdays

Back in October when I returned to work from my maternity leave me and my husband both knew it was going to be a little bit of a juggling act. Getting everybody up and out, making lunches, sorting out the tea, doing the school run. As you can imagine, it can be chaos and it is no doubt the same for most people with children.

We have now got ourselves into a routine. On a Tuesday I start my working week, Alfie goes to nursery, the girls are in school and my husband works from home. My husband then collects the girls from school at 3pm, they return home and he continues with his work. The girls are then left to play or watch a little television until I return home (picking Alfie up on the way) at 6pm.

I know this isn’t perfect, in an ideal world one of us would love to finish work at three and spend the rest of the afternoon with the girls however it’s just not achievable currently. We have to work but it is just for one day and obviously my husband is just in the next room if they need him.

Now this ran smoothly for the first few months, however a few weeks ago my husband mentioned that they were getting a little bored, coming into his study complaining they had nothing to do etc. Seriously, we have a house full of toys and games, but I guess they just struggle to think of things to keep them occupied.

So crafty Tuesday was introduced. Before I leave for work on a Tuesday, in the midst of making packed lunches and plaiting hair, I also put together a crafty table for the girls and set them a little task. One week I left card, glitter and stickers and asked them to make a thank you card for Santa, another week I left some play dough and asked them to create some cakes. Each week is slightly different to hopefully keep them interested.

It has been such a success, my husband said it is all they talk about on the way home from school and they love showing me their creations when I return home from work. It has also helped that I have been working with Baker Ross whose craft selections are amazing (I have a 25% discount code if you fancy stocking up on some crafts – use NATALIE25).

So fingers crossed the enthusiasm for crafty Tuesdays continues….at least until Summer.

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8 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesdays

  1. All I can say is “high 5”! You sound like super mum Natalie and this is such a genius idea. I can’t imagine how busy life is in this new routine, and I can’t believe how quickly Mat leave has finished… I am sure the girls are loving their crafts, I bet they get so excited. Well done x #OrdinaryMoments

  2. What a brilliant idea. I love the fact that they look forward to it. Great to get them into a routine of doing it. I must do lore craft stuff with my kids. They have a one track mind: lego! #familyfun

  3. I’m all for crafts and creativity. My daughters went to toddler group yesterday where they played with Valentines hearts, pompoms, glitter and more. They were able to continue this back at home. #ordinarymoments

  4. Athena and Troy love doing crafts but it’s something we really don’t do often enough. I think I’m going to take a leaf out of your book and have a set craft time each week x

  5. Oh that a good idea – a bit of a stress giving you another thing to get ready before work but it seems to be paying off. It’s nice that they can get on with it themselves. Mine still require my help but I am a pretty useless crafter! I will keep this tip in mind for when mine are a little older and need entertaining after school! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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