Chatter, Giggles and Holiday Time #littleloves

Chatter, Giggles and Holiday Time #littleloves

It’s been a bit doom and gloom hasn’t it? I read on Instagram someone saying they are ready for autumn – I am still waiting for Summer!! It’s been another lovely week with my girls and Tuesday was my last day in work until almost the end of August whoop whoop!!

Here are my #littleloves.


I have been having a little read of my favourite book Love, Style, Life. It is written by fashion blogger Garance Dore. and it’s amazing.  I have read it so many times and it always makes me feel inspired.




I finally got around to watching Me before you – and it was no surprise that I loved it!! I thought Emilia Clarke played the role perfectly. It made me cry – although not as much as the book did.


A lot of chatter, a lot of giggles, a lot of screaming, generally a lot of noise!!! Happy noise though! We have visited a lot of parks!




Oh I am definitely struggling with this – I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy myself some new maternity jeans as I cannot fit in any of mine and I am only halfway through my pregnancy!!

I have bought a lovely maternity sweater which I love and is going away until the weather gets a bit cooler.

Topshop maternity sweater


Lots of plans with Daddy! My lovely husband is finishing work today and is off with us for 2 whole weeks and I am beyond excited! We are both desperate for some time off together  – yay!

I also made plans for Meme to see her school friend which she was delighted about. I felt a bit mean on Harri as she wanted to go too but I think it’s important for Meme to build some relationships without her sister. We spent some time just us though which was lovely.

Any Finally

We have my lovely niece staying on Saturday which will be nice but chaotic – the weather is meant to be nice so hopefully we will be able to get the paddling pool out.. My parents are also back from their holidays tomorrow and I cant wait to see them!!

Have a lovely weekend!


3 thoughts on “Chatter, Giggles and Holiday Time #littleloves

  1. Have a fantastic 2 weeks off with your husband and hope you get to relax and of course have lots of fun too. I really need to see Me before You as I have not watched the film, nor read the book. Have a great weekend and I really hope the sun comes out again x

  2. 2 weeks off together oh you lucky Devils I hope you are enjoying yourselves so far!! Parks are the best for wearing the kids out and getting that fresh air in-so many activities are so expensive you can’t do them every day! Maternity wear is the Bain of my life-I’m literally wearing he same few outfits at the minute. Xx

  3. I’d love to watch Me Before You – I might download the book to my Kindle for our holidays… Yay for lots of Daddy time! Hope you have had a lovely week xx

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