Brimstage Maze during Covid – What to expect.

Brimstage Maze during Covid – What to expect.

Everything is so different at the moment when visiting places so I though it would be handy to write about our visit to Brimstage Maze during Covid. We visit Brimstage Maze every Summer. Situated in the Wirral it is the perfect place to visit with Children during the Summer holidays. Whilst it is a little expensive to gain entrance, you can take your own food and stay there until closing time at 6pm. With all the changes being made to keep inline with government guidelines during Covid pandemic I was unsure how this would affect a visit to Brimstage Maze. 

What to expect when visiting Brimstage Maze during Covid.

Pre – booking tickets

Previously like most children’s attractions you could pop along whenever you felt like. Summer 2021 is different (which will come as no surprise). To visit Brimstage Maze during covid you need to prebook tickets. This is to minimise queues to avoid crowding. Whilst pre booking can be an inconvenience this is what needs to happen at the moment. I must admit it also worked perfectly today. You have a twenty minute window from the time that you have booked to allow you into the venue. I should add that the team at Brimstage Maze are very accommodating so if you are running a little late don’t worry too much.

No more indoor play

If you are familiar with Brimstage Maze you will remember there was an indoor sitting and eating area with a soft play facility. This is perfect for those rainy days we have so often here in Great Britain. However this is now closed. There are now new huts dotted around the fields with benches inside to allow a little coverage if necessary but this is definitely something to remember if it is really hot as there is not much shelter.

Bigger Maze

There is a lot more emphasis on the maze this year. It is huge!! With a lot more to discover in there. I found the maize this Summer 2020 much more enjoyable and engaging than ever before. With statues and landmarks dotted around the field. There is also a fairy garden available to visit.

Brimstage Maze during covid Brimstage Maze during Covid

Hand Gel Dispensers & Toilets

There are hand gel dispensers available to use everywhere including inside the maize. There are also port a loo toilets available at the venue to use.

Overall Opinions visiting Brimstage Maze during Covid.

We had the best day. Numbers have been limited so it is a lot quieter. There is so much outdoor space that you never feel worried about getting too close to other people. The staff there are helpful and amazing. It was a great day and our Summer 2020 visit to Brimstage Maze felt no different to any other year. The only negative is the lack of shelter, which can be a struggle on a really hot day. Go online, book some tickets and support our local community. We have already made plans to return.

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  1. So pleased to hear you enjoyed your visit and understand the changes we have made due to the current situation. This small family business really appreciates your support. 🙂🌽☀️❤🍦

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