A Knock Knock Joke A Day Book Review – A Perfect Gift for the Joker of the House.

A Knock Knock Joke A Day Book Review – A Perfect Gift for the Joker of the House.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your Dad, Brother-in-law, Grandad, Uncle or even your Auntie. Then I have got you covered.

Introducing ‘A Knock Knock Joke A Day’

Daddilife is a hugely popular blog discussing all things Fatherhood, mental health, working Dads, single Dads and more. Han-Son is the brains behind Daddilife and he is launching his new book ‘ A Knock Knock Joke A Day’.

Firstly who doesn’t love a knock knock Dad joke and secondly, who doesn’t need a little bit of light relief right now. It feel like there is constant bad news at the moment and we need to bring back some laughter.

This book is just the answer. It has a joke for every day of the year. From 1st January to 31 December there is a knock knock joke for you to have a giggle at. Share it with the kids and your family – spread the joy!

The ‘A Knock Knock Joke A Day’ book also includes jokes for specific days of the year, not just the usual Christmas but for other days such as National Pizza Day or National Play Outside Day.

Can you guess what day this joke is for?

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Maida who?

Maida force be with you!

It really is a book full of fun. You can also find at the beginning of the book a guide on how to deliver a joke. This is possibly the most important part of telling a good joke – the delivery! We all have a family member who is cracking a joke so add ‘A Knock Knock Joke A Day’ to their collection with these 365 jokes. Or maybe even buy it for yourself and play the joker of the family at their own game.

It has been a huge hit in our house and we start every morning with a joke which gets everyone smiling. It is the perfect way to start the day.

Who is the joker in your family?

Knock Knock Joke A Day is available to buy now from Amazon.

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