3 ways to help your child study better

3 ways to help your child study better

Sometimes studying is not the top of children’s priority list and they may need a little encouragement to help them when exam season comes around. Below are three effective ways to help your children to study better.

Have a positive attitude

As with most things in life, a positive mental attitude is invaluable with regards to school. Children of any age can be encouraged with a positive attitude towards learning and study time. If children and their parents have an optimistic, can do attitude towards upcoming exams or education in general, then they are more likely to succeed. Focusing on a child’s strengths rather than their weaknesses is a great way to build confidence. This will therefore improve the likelihood of them enjoying learning. When a child enjoys what they are doing they are more likely to take it all in and remember it for longer helping them to do well in exams and at school in general.

Get Organised

I struggle with being organised. However it is found that being organised is a crucial skill for students, no matter their age, because otherwise things can slip through the cracks. All the way from nursery school through to sixth form organisation is vital. It can be difficult for children to keep on top of school, homework, tests and extra-curricular activities. However this has to be done if they wish to succeed in their education. A planner will come in handy, as well as a neat and tidy study space. Some children find it easier to have a dedicated time for studying. Maybe an hour each evening before dinner time or 30 minutes straight from school.

Be Consistent

Consistent, smaller study sessions will be far more beneficial than cramming everything the week before a test. Even if it’s just reading a book or going over past notes, it’s worth spending time exercising the brain on a regular basis. Children should take time out of each day to study or learn something new.

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