Holiday mode

Holiday Vibes.

This weather, I can’t quite believe how beautiful it is. In fact I can’t ever remember a time a British heatwave lasted this long. I love the heat – yes it can be uncomfortable at times and working in it and dealing with the day to days routine can be hard, but I every year I long for hot sunshine and it is so nice to finally get it.

The only problem for us I suppose is that we have gone into holiday mode. Chores have been left, homework has been forgotten and we have been all staying up late to enjoy these warm evenings. The phrase ‘ we have to make the most of this sun as it won’t last for long’ has been muttered a lot!

After our weekend away in The Lake District and a bit of a stressful week we were looking forward to a chilled Saturday. BBQ, lolly ices, paddling pool and just playing in the garden. We finished the evening toasting marshmallows on our chiminea. It was actually far too late for our girls to be up but it was so much fun, and of course , we are on our holidays! (until Monday that is)

holiday mode

Toasting Marshmallows


Country Kids

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15 thoughts on “Holiday Vibes.

  1. Oh I agree 100% staying up late and tossing marshmallows are moments memories are made of. Beautiful shots of your family. Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot 📸

  2. It is lovely to have the sunshine and I agree with you about making the most of the nice weather while it lasts (although I am finding it a little too warm for my liking right now!) It is perfect weather for enjoying the paddling pool though and I love the sound of toasting marshmallows on the chiminea. Love how much fun your girls seem to be having with the slide in the paddling pool – that’s always a popular activity here too! 🙂 #countrykids

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