How Your Choice of Interior Design Reflects Your Personality

From the magnets on your fridge to the small ornament on the mantle piece, more or less everything in your home is there because you want it to be.

The vibrant wall colour to the choice of pendant light in the hallway, to the style of conservatory furniture, is all about you and your family. Interior design in the glossy pages of magazines and online websites are there are springboards to what we want to achieve in our space.

But how do we marry these trends with our personality? What is it that interior design that reflects our personality?

Minimalist interior

For a long time, minimalism has been seen as an interior design scheme that is excruciatingly difficult to pull off with any aplomb.

But what does a minimal design say about someone? It oozes organisation, echoing the ability of someone to live within a well-defined pattern. They interact with every aspect and facet of the space. Perfection and efficient, it is an uncontentious means of living in a space.

Scandinavian inspired interiors

This is also a style of minimalism but from a very different angle, and one worth considering when it comes to conservatory furniture for the modern conservatory space.

It oozes warmth, brought about by using a range of natural materials form light-coloured beech wood to natural fibres such as wool. A conservatory in the Scandinavian style would be perfection, an ideal marriage between the interior of your home and the outside.


Call it what you want, the modern look has been around for some time and is the design that suits someone with a bright, dynamic and intriguing personality.

It can look like an eclectic mix of colours, styles and materials. It is, in many ways, but even though it looks easy to imitate, it is actually a complex mix of colours and textures, etc. that takes times and thought to create.

It is not a showpiece design but rather a clear statement of life’s journey so far. So, all that ‘stuff’ that people complain about, it actually accrued by you as you walk through life – and it is perfect for you!

Shabby chic

Flowery, bright and breezy, there is a quaintness and a warmth to this kind of style that makes it a popular choice for some, but the ‘automatic’ styling of another.

It borders on vintage, where items are recycled and upcycled, where old favourites are old friends, not to be discarded and replaced by something new. It works across the home, but for some, it is the ideal look for conservatory furniture, the space that is modern, bright and airy but a space they want to add their own personality.

It can be hard to control, however, especially when there are many colours and new things added, on top of other things. It can quickly tip from shabby chic to just plain shabby.

Classic styling

Also known as traditional styling, this is a classic timeless style that appeals to many. Maybe it is because it is simple to create – you just need to listen to what you like rather than trying to copy and paste from a magazine or what designers tell us we should be doing.

There is a charm to this kind of style, a happiness that underlies it that shows you have the ability to choose elegant pieces and colours that work well together. This doesn’t mean you are old-fashioned or have no design acumen to speak of. It means you understand that comfort and function are of importance to you, as much as
experimenting with different colours and fabrics are.

Or Something Different?

These are just five design styles that we can adopt in our home, either in one room such as the conservatory or living room or across the entire space. Not everyone makes the move to consciously adopt a certain style. For many of us, it just happens, and it does so because we follow our likes and dislikes. And this is a great way to create the style that reflects your personality. From adding family photos to small ornaments that have travelled life’s paths with us, there are many small and large additions to your home that encapsulate your personality. Interior design is not about creating a show home but about the stylish backdrop against which you can allow your personality to shine.

What do you think your interior design choices say about you? Do you choose a style and then customise it?

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