Is yours forever?

Me and my husband have an ongoing conversation about if our current home is our forever home. Now I love our home, we both do. It’s big enough, its in a lovely area and it’s in walking distance from Meme’s school. For me I could stay here forever. My husband, although he loves it here, he is always looking for the next potential move.

Although we may never move I do think it is the sensible option to always try and increase the value of our home. You never know what is around the corner and ultimately it is always a good idea to invest some money into your property. Ultimately if we do decide to stay here it will one day go to our children and we want to do the best for them. A friend recently had her home revalued after adding a conservatory and a garage conversion and it added a lot of value although obviously there could have been other contributing factors.

Assuming we stay for long enough we have some grand plans to grow our home with us as our children get older whilst also hopefully adding some value. Starting with our favourite room, we plan to to extend this area into a much larger family area. The downside of this is it will reduce our garden which we currently love. To slightly compensate we hope to remove some of a large border currently at the back of the garden. Naturally, we also plan to redecorate when necessary making sure our home doesn’t become tired and is inline with current trends.

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Is your home your forever home? If so, how do you plan to add value to your property?


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3 thoughts on “Is yours forever?

  1. I’m pretty sure that our house is our forever home, we move here are Christmas and I can’t see why we would move again. But you just don’t know what is around the corner. I think we were to change our house it would be a garage conversion in the future x

  2. I’d really like to think that our current home is our forever home, but there are definitely some improvements we need to make to make that a reality. We desperately want to do an extension, and also an extensive renovation that will involve moving the staircase and completely rejigging the internal layout – so basically gutting the house! It’s a huge job, but will make such a huge difference to the house, and we love the location of the house, the period features, the garden etc. I really don’t want to move again!

  3. We always say that unless we win the lottery this will be our forever home. We are so lucky to live where we do, and I’m not sure we would ever get anything this size anywhere near our budget, so we put all of our money into making this house the perfect forever home.

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