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4 things you must do in New York City

It is unlikely that you haven’t at least once heard of the renowned New York City and the many things that it has to offer. It could be that you’ve seen pictures of their infamous pizzas, have heard about the Statue of Liberty, or been amazed by their booming population. You may be thinking about visiting New York City for work or leisure sometime soon. Or you may have been there before but be looking for something new to do this time around. Either way, you should find this article useful as it’s going to explore a few things that you can do in New York City.

Visit Liberty Island

One of the first stops on your list when in New York should be Liberty Island. While doing so, you’ll be able to see the renowned statue of liberty. Located in the borough of Manhattan, you should know that Liberty Island is free to enter with a stamped time ticket. Aside from the statue, you can also explore the second-floor museum which has things related to the statue.

Have Cocktails at the Dead Rabbit

New York City has what is said to be one of the best bars in the world which is called the Dead Rabbit. The theme which was inspired by John Morrisey. It has both live Irish music and tasty pub food. Always remember to make a reservations and it can get busy. I

Visit Central Park

Another popular destination in New York to Consider going to is Central Park. There are several things available for you to do at this destination. Have a picnic in the grass or see the sports field, zoo, boating lake, reservoir and much more. You can also sometimes find restaurants as well as museums nearby that you can branch to. If you have a look at some of the vacation rental guides, you’re also likely to find out more regarding things you can do in New York City and ideal places you can stay during your trip.

Stroll Through Times Square

Times Square has featured in so many places that you probably feel as though you’ve already been there before. However, it is a place that you have to see for yourself as it is so busy and full of life. Aside from shopping, one of the things you can do is watch a Broadway show. So that you have something a little more to remember New York for.

New York City is one of the most vibrant in America and popular for many reasons. Aside from being a fashion capital and business hub, it’s also a great destination for tourism. When next you happen to plan a trip to New York, don’t forget to do at least one of the things mentioned above.

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