The Story of our home.

The Story of our home.

I have wanted to do a home post for quite some time but before I give you a little tour of our humble home let me tell you a little bit of background.

We bought our home 4.5 years ago and I love it, now it is not the biggest house nor the most grandest but it is ours (well one day hopefully it will be!). It was a freshly built new house when we bought it, me and my husband love those big old house with high ceilings and lots of character however we are both not doers – we need to move in and it be ready for us to live in which is exactly why new builds are perfect for us.

This house was special, we had previously lived together in my husband’s house and, whilst he would always protest it was both of ours, it was so nice to choose a new house together as a family, especially as we were choosing our forever home.

Whilst we loved our choice, at first there were a few things we weren’t sure on and it was also way out of our budget. Such a big decision and we had many a sleepless night over it but we loved the area, the house, the garden so we decided to take a leap of faith and go for it. It wasn’t easy, I always remember the first year having no spare money at all as every bit of savings were spent on our home. We couldn’t afford anything new for our home during this period but that was fine, we knew it wouldn’t always be this way and, as the years past, we have found our feet and have been able to put our stamp on it.

In the few years we have been here we have made so many memories. It is the only home Meme remembers and it was the home we brought Harri back to after she was born. I have vivid memories of sitting on the couch breast feeding Harri when she was just a day old and watching my husband chase Meme around the garden feeling blessed.

As much as I love the houses in the interior magazine and also some of the amazing homes that some bloggers share, our home is nothing like that. It is dominated with toys, pictures, and is, quite frankly, a mess. However, I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way (well maybe a little less mess). It is where we feel most comfortable, it is home.

We love it here, we have a wonderful garden where we spend most of our summer days, we have our kitchen family area where we spend our time playing and eating and, of course, our lounge, where we come back to after a cold day to get cosy and watch a film together. It is our space and, whilst we love travelling and going on adventures, we love returning to our place, our safe haven.

Welcome to our home…

8 thoughts on “The Story of our home.

  1. This is the sweetest post! I don’t think you can ever underestimate how much love and happiness you can feel for the place that keeps you and your family warm and safe and helps create so many happy memories. I’m by nature an extremely happy, positive blissed-out person but moving home two years ago took it to a whole other level and it feels great. Happy Wednesday! #HomeEtc X

  2. Aww what a lovely post!!! You’re so right about stretching yourself and taking a leap of faith. It’s a brave move to have the conviction that things will be alright in the end isn’t it? But if we work hard enough, we can always turn a situation round and things slowly get easier.

    My boy and I have been in exactly the same position — money was SO tight for such a long time but it’s beginning to get easier now. Homes are money pits aren’t they? But the very best places on earth 🙂 Thanks ever so much for sharing with #HomeEtc — Caro xx

  3. what a lovely post and you can feel the love you have for your home shining through. I feel the same, my home is nothing special but it is ours and for that I adore it! xx

  4. Gorgeous post. It is exactly your philosophy and way of thinking that makes life the happiest. I adore that you have a lovely home that you are make memories in. But I must say, you are a bit of a tease too, as now all I want is a full on house tour!! Haha. And I adore that black door! Lovely post. Steph xxx

  5. Ahhh lovely! My home has always been such a sanctuary for me and I always feel best when there. Our new home is lovely and also has a real feel of being our place. Thanks for linking up and sharing, love jess xx


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