Tips for Designing a Shared Sibling Bedroom

Tips for Designing a Shared Sibling Bedroom

Having siblings share a bedroom can present some challenges, but it is also highly efficient and space-saving. For many parents, it is also the only option available, so, what can you do to design a shared sibling room that will work for both kids? Keep reading to find out.

Smart Storage

First, you should consider storage. Kids’ bedrooms tend to be messy and chaotic, so this will be even more of an issue if you have two kids sharing a space! Overbed storage is a smart solution, as this will help keep the floor area clean, giving your youngsters plenty of space. You can use storage bins for anything that they need quick and easy access to.

Personalised Designs

A bedroom should always be a reflection of a child’s personality, but this can be challenging when it is a shared area. Therefore, you want to incorporate both of their tastes and make sure that they have their own area and storage. 

You could allow each child to have two walls, for example, and allow them to pick a colour or wallpaper pattern (and just hope that they do not clash too much!). 

If they have a shared interest, such as a certain cartoon or sports team, you could focus the decor around this to keep both camps happy.

Maximise Space

Space can be an issue in a shared sibling bedroom, so you need to be creative when it comes to maximizing it. There are a few ways that this can be done, such as bunkbeds (depending on the age), multi-purpose furniture, kids’ sized furniture, and built-in platforms. This should allow for more room, which will make the space feel less cramped and stressful.

Collaborative Zones

You certainly need to make sure that your children have their own designated zones in their room and you can use dividers for this, but you should also make this a collaborative space to encourage bonding. 

Shared zones where your kids can play and do their homework together will encourage bonding and make the divided bedroom somewhere where they enjoy spending time. 

Overall, a shared sibling bedroom needs to be carefully thought about in order to create a space that each child will find comfortable enough to enjoy spending time in. 

Of course, this is easier said than done. You will certainly need to split the room as best you can and allow each child to personalise their space, but you will also need to find ways to maximise space and create areas where your children can spend quality time together. Hopefully, the advice in this post will help you strike the right balance.

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