The week the sunshine came out… Ordinary Moments

The week the sunshine came out… Ordinary Moments

It finally came…I’m not sure how long it will be here for but wasn’t it worth the wait? It has been a week of sunshine and it has been bliss, even the difficult tasks of putting sun cream on and trying to make keep hats on hasn’t caused me any problems – the sun is shining, who cares!

For some reason, this winter seems to have gone on forever. I have been craving some warm weather, waking up to blue skies and sunshine definitely sets me for the day. It is so nice to step outside and not have to worry about big coats, going out to play and not have to worry about getting cold, not having to fill my bags with woolly hats and gloves and extra layers.

It has been a week of parks and play. On Thursday after picking Meme up from school we all went to our happy place Ness Gardens for some ice cream and a little run around in the sun.  It is great letting them run free and play in the park, I know they miss each other throughout the day so it is nice for them to have some fun together. Sometimes I feel like Meme misses out on some adventures during the week so it was a treat that we could do something after school, when the weather is cold and miserable all we want to do is go home.  We stayed for hours on Thursday, they didn’t want to leave. It was a lovely afternoon and hopefully if the sun continues to shine it can become a regular occurrence.



7 thoughts on “The week the sunshine came out… Ordinary Moments

  1. I am just loving the sunshine so much and hope the snow doesn’t come back. All that random snowing in April was so bizarre! Let’s hope the reasons form ice cream and ice lollies hang about all summer!

  2. How amazing has the sunshine been? It’s only saying that it is going to be around for another day or so here, I said to my husband today that I really wish it could be like this all year round. I love the happy sunshiny photos! xx

  3. It really has been so sunny hasn’t it? It makes a change from the random end of April we had and it’s so nice to be out in it – it really makes you feel so much better. I don’t know if it’s recent or if I missed it the last few weeks but your blog layout has changed – looks good x

  4. Oh it’s been just heavenly hasn’t it, especially today! And what a fun way to spend the afternoon, I know what you mean about feeling like bein the eldest she misses out on some of the adventures, we feel that with Kitty too, but ice cream and the park is the perfect solution!

  5. Gorgeous pics and yes its been so great to have this sunshine and fun days to play and run free. Its great to see them laughing and enjoying it isn’t it?
    By the way loving the new blog and the babe of a pic you have up in there in the top corner..looking like a right yummy mummy x x

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