The Good Dinosaur, Reindeer Plant Pots and Merry Christmas #LittleLoves

The Good Dinosaur, Reindeer Plant Pots and Merry Christmas #LittleLoves

I know I have been going on about this for about a month – but it is here! Last day of school!!! Yippee!!! Downside is I have still not finished Christmas shopping – I still feel like I have lots to do with one week (and 2 kids) to go!

Here are my #LittleLoves


Just my usual Grazia – It is my favourite mag!


We met friends on Wednesday and went to see The Good Dinosaur which the girls enjoyed – although it was a little sad.

We also watched my big girl in her nativity, it was lovely and I did feel so emotional.


A lot of giggling and chatting – I mentioned last week we were going to move the girls into the same room – we have and they are enjoying it. Although not a lot of sleep is going on!


Nothing exciting to report – I have been a bit too tired to care!


I mentioned in Our Reindeer Trail Post about Ness Gardens, well we went back this weekend and did some Christmas crafts, which were brilliant. How cool are these reindeer plant pots?



And Lastly

I have felt quite stressed and emotional this week, Harri is being very challenging at the moment and everyone is grumpy and tired – I am hoping a couple of weeks off together will be the tonic we all need.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. A little bit of a break where the pressures off (kind of) is always a blessing! Plant pots are so cute I had great ideas of being creative with LB but it hasn’t happened so far and I haven’t finished my shopping either-eek!! X

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