The Benefits of Dry Brushing for Your Skin and Overall Health

The Benefits of Dry Brushing for Your Skin and Overall Health

Have you ever heard of dry brushing? The concept certainly doesn’t come up much, does it? Maybe you’ve been to a spa and saw dry brushing as an option but had no idea what it meant. If you’re curious about dry brushing and want to know more about it, you’ve come to the right place. Its benefits may surprise you.

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is a daily (or however often you want) body massage with a dry, stiff-bristled brush. The stiffer brush can eliminate flaky skin, increase circulation, and detoxify the skin.

Detoxifying and Radiance

If you’ve ever exfoliated your skin before, think about that experience. The whole point of exfoliation is to give your skin a more rigorous cleaning by removing dead skin cells. Now, think about doing that for your entire body, and you have the dry brushing experience. Dry brushing will unclog your pores and detoxify your skin by increasing blood flow circulation and promoting lymph flow and drainage.Your skin will be absolutely radiant after a dry brushing, and you’ll look good when you buy women’s leather shirt jacket that you have been eying.

How Do I Dry Brush My Body?

The best time to dry brush is right before you enter the shower. You should invest in a stiff-bristle brush with a long handle to get those hard-to-reach places. Once you’re ready to go, follow these steps:

  1. Start with your feet and work up your body with long, fluid strokes.
  2. Once you get to your torso and back, use circular motions.
  3. Dry brushing can be rough on sensitive areas such as the stomach, breasts, and neck. Go easy on these places.
  4. Be sure not to go over a couple of swipes per limb. Brushing too much can lead to irritation and bleeding.
  5. Only dry brush once a day and take a shower immediately afterward.
  6. Apply lotion to your body after the shower.

Can I Dry Brush if I Have Sensitive Skin?

For dry brushing to be effective, the brush needs to be firm. You could opt for a dry washcloth if a stiff brush is too rough on your skin. If you notice any redness, swelling, or irritation, stop. You should never brush over broken skin, such as cuts, scrapes, lesions, sores, burns, or sunburns.

Dry Brushing May Give You an Energy Boost

An added energy boost due to dry brushing is only a theory to some. However, it may have some merit due to the increased circulation that dry brushing can cause. That also could be the reason why some people prefer to dry brush in the morning.

Dry brushing can sound like a bad idea to those with sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, try a few test strokes with the stiff brush. If you experience any irritation, you could always try the dry washcloth. If that isn’t successful, dry brushing probably isn’t for you

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