The Benefits of a Combi Boiler in your Home

In bygone days, a domestic heating system would consist of several separate elements: the boiler itself, and a separate tank in which hot water could be stored. This tank, typically clad in insulation and kept in the loft space, would provide hot water on demand.

In recent times, a new breed of boiler has come about, which combines these units into a single package. This is the ‘combi’ boiler. It’s the go-to choice in small to mid-sized properties, and even larger ones. But exactly what are the benefits of a combi boiler? Let’s take a look at this technology, and why we might prefer it.

What are combi boilers?

A ‘combi’ water can provide two things. The water for your central heating system, and the ‘on- demand’ hot water from your tap. Turn on the hot tap, and, after a few moments, the water will be heated to the appropriate temperature. This temperature can usually be adjusted via a control on the boiler’s front panel.


One of the primary advantages of a combi boiler is that it is cost-efficient. Combi boilers are made to exacting standards, and in large quantities. They tend to be simpler, with fewer things that can go wrong – which tends to drive down the cost of maintenance, too.

High efficiency

Modern combi boilers tend to be very efficient indeed. The newest models will come with ‘A’ ratings, which will tend to make them far cheaper to run than older ones. As such, the decision to swap an older boiler for a new one might ultimately pay for itself. As a side benefit, the reduction in your gas or
electricity usage will make your home more environmentally sound, too.

Easy to install

Given that the combi boiler consists of a single unit, the cost of installation tends to be quite meagre. The engineer simply needs to desolder the old pipework, and fit the new boiler. There are no additional cylinders or other components to consider.
If you’re swapping an existing combi boiler for a new one, then the ease of installation becomes even more impressive.

Instant hot water

A standard or system boiler can sometimes struggle with demand, particularly during winter. What if there isn’t enough water in the tank to provide hot water for the whole family during a busy morning, when two showers and a washing machine are in operation, along with the central heating?
This is where the right combi boiler can be invaluable. Look for one with a wattage that will cater to your whole household, even during very busy periods.

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