Relax and Recuperate

Relax and Recuperate

We are quite active at the weekends, with hubbie stuck in an office all week, come the weekend he is desperate for some fresh air and adventures. We have slowed them down a little since Meme has started school but we still tend to do quite a bit, especially on a Saturday.

After a stressful few weeks filled with illness and upset, a relaxing weekend is just what we needed. I have been pretty much housebound the last few weeks so I definitely needed to get out the house but I also knew I had to take it easy.  Everyone else in the house felt the same, especially Meme who finished school on Friday looking tired pale and a little weepy.

Saturday started with a sleep in followed by playing and watching films, no rushing around, no places to be just us taking our time. It was a cold sunny day and by the afternoon we all needed some fresh air so we went to our favourite place, Ness Gardens. It is such a lovely place, so relaxing and chilled out with lots of space for the girls to enjoy. There is something about being outside with the sun on your face and listening to the birds singing that makes me feel calm and at peace, I realise this sounds a little hippy mum but it’s true. Definitely good for the soul. The girls had a good run around and play on the park, we were only there for an hour or so but it was all we needed. We finished off with a hot chocolate and cake at the cafe (of course).



Sunday was very similar, lazy morning followed by a trip to the park and to feed the ducks in the afternoon. A nice relaxing weekend allowing us to heal and recuperate, just what the Dr ordered.




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  1. These are the best kinds of weekends. We’re going through a tough time too, with sickness and infections, hopefully we will be well enough to head out into the fresh air too! Looks like you had a great afternoon X #PointShoot #TwinklyTuesday x

  2. Lovely captures of rest and relaxing walk. So so sorry to hear things haven’t been good lately. I hope it quickly changes for you. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great roundup! #sharewithme

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