Our School Life

Our School Life

The last few days of school for 2015 and I figured this is a good point to reflect on Meme’s first full term in school.

I wont lie, we got off to a slow start, I wrote this post about how we were looking forward to seeing the back of September, it was a hard month.

I am not sure if it was tough due to the high expectations both me and Meme had, naively I thought it would be easy, she was more than ready and very excited.  I thought she would simply love it.

Or maybe we found it so hard due to the big change in our routine, change is scary no matter how much you feel ready for it. She has gone from 15 hours in pre school to 30 hours in school. I am exhausted and I only have to take her and pick her up!

Well, she didn’t like it. She wasn’t crying going in but she wasn’t looking forward to it, she was tired, grumpy and emotional. Sometimes she would come home and say she played on her own all day, which as you can imagine was heart breaking to hear. She missed me and I understood completely because I missed her.

Half term was the turning point, I think maybe the weeks rest was what she needed. Everything seems to have run a bit smoother since, she has made a few friends, she has been to a few parties and we had parents evening, which has definitely put my mind at ease. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel anxious about it all at times but overall I think we both feel a bit better about it all.

From a learning point of view she has been amazing, she is reading and writing and just seems so much older. It astounds me how three months can make such a difference. I feel so proud of her.

I love both my girls equally but I do feel like I worry more about Meme. I am not sure if it’s because she is my first born or because she is quieter and more sensitive than Harri. I think sometimes I expect too much from her, I need to realise that being quiet is not a weakness – as her teacher said it can a be a positive thing. I think I need to stop worrying and let her be, I need to guide her but ultimately she needs to find her own little path and her own little friends.

I know deep down she will be fine, she is stronger than I give her credit for x


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  1. Awww bless. It is so difficult to try teaching resilience when you see your little one sad, tired and emotional. I know my son will be exactly like this! He claims he misses me when he just heads off to kinder, despite being hugely happy there. He has become very mumsy and clingy; hoping the next year will get him a little more ready. But well done to you! You’ve made it through term 1. I am sure it will all become easier as it rolls on. Merry Christmas! #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Awww! it’s worrying to see when one is tired, upset and emotional. I was like that when I was a little child because I miss my mum. Luckily, my little boy who started Primary 1 last August was totally my opposite, he was so confident and always eager to go to school. Hopefully, the christmas break will make her miss school and her friends and that she would be keen going back to school again. Lovely post! #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Oh it must be so hard for you to try and step back and not worry about her! If it makes you feel any better I was the quietest child in school, I wouldn’t even talk to the teachers but I still loved it and I my best friend now is still my friend from primary school! She will find her own way in her own time and young children are so great at adapted to each other, I hope you both find it easier after Christmas and enjoy the time off together. I just can’t wait for the holidays!! xx

  4. It sounds like she is doing really well and hopefully she will continue to go from strength to strength. I am so proud of how my little girl has done at school this term, I can’t believe it has only been a term, it feels like she has been there forever. x

  5. Awe, bless her. School is always a transition and can be difficult for kids and parents alike. I’m glad to here that it getting better. #TwinklyTuesday

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