New Year, New Clothes and New Memories.

New Year, New Clothes and New Memories.

Hello January!! Here is my first post of the year and I wanted it to be a round up one because it’s been such a lovely week. I say this often but I l adore the girls being off school, everything is so much more relaxed and happier.
Here’s some of my favourite bits from the week.
Alfie turns two
We started the week off with my lovely boy turning two!! I actually can’t believe it, such a cliche but where does the time go? We spent the day celebrating with family before going on a little family adventure.
We also had a little trip away this week. The last couple of years we have been lucky enough to get away for New Year. After the craziness of Christmas this week spent just the five of us in a different environment does us all so much good. It was a lovely few days pottering and playing. We spent New Year’s Day on the beach eating pasties and listening to music. It was a memory I’ll remember for a long time (we even managed to get a family picture!).
A good sort out 
A bit boring I know but I felt completely motivated to sort out our house. I’ve talked down our decorations, rearranged furniture, and had a good sort out!! It’s feels good!
Healthy eating 
Like the rest of the country no doubt after the indulgence of December im going to try to eat a bit better. I feel so bloated and a little meh at the moment so I’m more than ready to get some goodness down me!!
New Clothes! 
I got so many lovely gifts this Christmas including this coat from my husband. I struggle with clothing suitable for our wet outdoor adventures but I love this coat!!
I also love my girls Muddy Puddle coats which have been a godsend in this cold wet weather.
Muddy Puddles
So quite a special week for us, how was your first week of the new year?

19 thoughts on “New Year, New Clothes and New Memories.

  1. It’s been busy, but I’ve been continuing to focus on making time for my family. So far, I’ve been able to find time to do all my work and get in some good family time.

  2. Yes! I am ready to make new memories for this year, and I will definitely more time to my family and takes new adventure. Thumbs for your post!!

  3. You and your family look great. We just spent the holidays with our family in Deer Valley, and we are still working on our blog post.

  4. New Year, New Clothes, New Memories? Yes please! Happy New Year and can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for you.

  5. Lovely way to spend New Year’s Day on the beach – Haven’t we been so lucky with such a mild Christmas/New Year? I too love it when the kids are off school – we are so much more relaxed x

  6. Aw happy birthday Alfie, we always go away at the end of January and its great to have something to look forwards to. I know what you mean about feeling bloated and meh it was great getting back to the gym this week x

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