When did I become such a loner?

When did I become such a loner?

When did I become such a loner? I remember last year when I went on holiday to Spain with my family. There was about 12 of us all staying together in a villa. We had the best time as we always do. One night I always remember my brother in law saying to me ‘you’re like the scarlet pimpernel, you are always disappearing’ and I joked about having sneaky naps. However, he was right.

Each day in the midst of the chaos and fun I would find myself craving a little space, a little alone time. I would sneak off to my bedroom or find a quiet corner and read some books or just enjoy the silence. I was the same on my recent holiday to Madeira. Some days I just wanted to be on my own.

Craving some space

Meme seems to be very much the same, come the end of term she is desperately craving some time away from her school friends. She just needs a bit of space. In the past I have always struggled to understand it but now I get it.

There is obviously nothing wrong with being a bit of a loner. I think the reason it seems so strange for me is because I have always been so sociable. Previously I have always felt that I come alive with people and I always hated being alone. I have always had lots of friends, always had a boyfriend. I always enjoyed peoples company. People would definitely describe me as an extrovert. The buzz of crowded places made me happy. Thriving on busy environments. I liked being out and about and a part of it all.

I am not sure when I changed. Possibly it was some point between having my children and being on maternity leave. When I met my husband I moved away from my family and friends. After spending lots of time on my own, I guess I got used to and now enjoy it. I don’t need to see people every day.

I guess there are times I feel like I should make more effort or maybe I could make more effort with people. Watching Mums in the school playground discussing a night out.Listening to bloggers talking about what event they are attending and I ponder, should I try and be more like this, be a part of all this?

Yet I know it’s just not me anymore. I am happy doing my own thing on my own. I’m not saying I don’t have friends, I guess I just don’t have the urge to know everyone or be popular anymore. I am happy being on the outskirts doing my own thing.

Maybe its my age or maybe after having three (noisy) children I appreciate the silence more. Who knows, all I do know is that I’m a bit of a loner now and that’s ok.

Are you a bit of a loner

6 thoughts on “When did I become such a loner?

  1. I completely understand this! I’ve always needed my own space and am a classic introvert, but since being a mum it’s become even more important. It’s such an all consuming thing and you’re with your children for so much of the time I think it’s natural to need some space. It doesn’t make you a loner!

  2. Oh I hear you! I could have written this. I could easily stay inside on my own for 2 or 3 days at a time given the chance, I love it! Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales – we hope to see you again on Tuesday!

  3. I definitely appreciate alone time and silence more now I have children! That said, I was always a bit of a loner and a misfit so not such a change here. I think a lot of people feel that way as they get older, not needing to be around people so much and accepting their own company.

  4. Apologies if my comment appears twice as I wrote one and it didn’t seem to appear. Anyway this post could totally be me. Since I had 4 kids I crave quiet time. Thanks for being on the #DreamTeam

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