How to Keep Gardening in Winter

How to Keep Gardening in Winter

Winter can be seen as a time to put your gardening tools away. But you can still take advantage of your space. There are so many ways that you can continue to keep gardening in Winter and optimise your garden for the next season. There are also many vegetables that can be grown during Winter. 

5 Tips on How to Keep Gardening in Winter.

Clear any snow and ice from your garden

Had a heavy fall of snow? It’s wise to clear the snow away from any plants and crops you’ve got growing. Ice is relatively safe to leave and allow to thaw as it’ll only be around for a few hours a day. It can add moisture to your compost. 

Fill up your birdhouse

If you’re hanging up the tools for the year you can still think about the birds as well! Do you have a bird house? Id so then set up a small area for birds to pull out parts for their nest. If you don’t have a bird house then look to buy some small bird feeders and regularly fill with seeds or fat balls.

Prune your plants

Pruning is essential to allow the growth of your plants and trees to continue. Pruning is pretty much cutting away all of the dead leaves and growth to make way for new areas for your plants or trees to grow. A great way to keep gardening in Winter. 

Prepare your tools

Trowels, metal blades and scissors, among other tools, will probably be worn down after a year of planting and maintaining your garden. Use these Winter months to polish up your tools, sharpen blades or (if necessary) buy new tools to get you ready for the next season.

Protect outside taps

Cold weather brings the risk of burst or damaged taps. If you don’t already, now’s the time to look at insulating your hose pipes and taps. This will reduce the damage made from using your outdoor taps in the winter. You can also add a tap cover if you know you won’t be using the tap again until the spring.


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