How to Give Your Kitchen a New Lease of Life

How to Give Your Kitchen a New Lease of Life

Kitchens go through moisture, heat and a lot of mess which means that you will find yourself giving it a lick of paint and spruce up more often than the rest of your home. As far as investments go, it’s a pretty sound place to put your money despite all of this as major kitchen renovations can yield returns of up to 52%. To give you some ideas as to how you can give your kitchen a new lease of life, we’ve teamed up with a kitchen fitter that creates bespoke kitchens in Islington.


As you know trends come and go which is why if you’re looking for something that lasts, we recommend going for a minimalistic look. Shaker style kitchens are all the rage and timeless. They are characterised by their simplicity, and you will find that actually toning down on colour, patterns and textures can give off a classier and more sophisticated look.


If you’re planning on a kitchen renovation, we highly recommend looking into storage as it can optimise your space and make it appear less cluttered. Clutter draws the eyes and no matter how beautifully designed your kitchen is, it will take away from it, make it look very busy and messy.


If your budget’s a little more modest, you might want to consider replacing just what you need as opposed to stripping out your whole kitchen. Cabinets and countertops can easily be taken out or painted over instead of putting in a brand-new carcass. To help you decide what is that you need, have a thorough look to see if there are any cracks, chips, or any structural issues. If there are, you will just be masking them, and they will need to be done again which will only cost you more money in the long run.

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