Half term, Halloween Crafts and Paint Decisions #littleloves

Half term, Halloween Crafts and Paint Decisions #littleloves

Last #littleloves of the month. Time is just flying by, I cant’t believe it is almost November.  We have had such a lovely week together this half term. Do I really have to send her back to school?


Not sure if you could say read but I have been looking through the Dulux colour chart this week. We are hopefully getting our hall and landing painted in the next week or so so I am trying to choose a colour, my hall is long and can be quite dark so I want a really light fresh colour but not white which is the colour now, hmmm decisions…


I have watched a bit more of Mr Robot but I don’t think it is for me. We can’t seem to find a new boxset we like. Any suggestions?

We are going to the cinema today to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 which we are very excited about.


Nothing too exciting, I have really lost my way on the fashion front. I keep thinking I am going to start making more effort but I never seem to. I need to be more of a blogger and take some pictures of my outfits, it may inspire me to sort myself out.


I have heard lots of sister giggles which has been lovely. It is so nice watching the girls play together, they have such a strong bond together. Although I had forgotten how hard work it was to look after and entertain 2 kids again!


We went to our local gardens this week and they were making some halloween crafts, the girls made some star wand which they are delighted with – well Meme is delighted, Harri is not so fussed.

Star wand
Meme with her star wand

The girls also helped Nana carve the pumpkin all ready for tomorrow. Harri loved doing it, anything messy and she is always up for it.


And lastly

The girls are very excited about Halloween tomorrow, they have chosen their outfits all ready to go trick or treating. We also have my 3 year old niece staying so there will be extra chaos!

Meme, Harri and their cousin Gabbie

Have a lovely weekend.  xxx


7 thoughts on “Half term, Halloween Crafts and Paint Decisions #littleloves

  1. You’ve gotta love a colour chart. I’ve been doing the same thing and yes the amount I’ve been looking I think we can call that reading!
    Can’t wait for Little B to have a sibling. It must be so lovely to watch that relationship develop and the giggles-yey!
    Have a fun day tomorrow x

  2. Colour charts are so inspiring aren’t they? Though the names of the paints always make me laugh. How many ways can you name blue?! Good luck! Have fun deciding. #littleloves

  3. Love the pumpkin carving. If you are going for a light color but don’t want white white go for a pastel of any color pastels can be inviting but keeping the light feel to a small space. I love even light grey like an Alfie color from the brand Colours. Or even a pastel pale green is nice. Just suggestions good luck painting. Have a lovely rest of the week. #littleloves

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