Getting Crafty, Snow and a little trip to IKEA #littleloves

Getting Crafty, Snow and a little trip to IKEA #littleloves

Oh its been a long long week, the last full week of January. I am so ready for the weekend, and similar to last weekend we have no plans at all – hooray!


We finally got around to watching Dunkirk – which was amazing, if you haven’t seen it you definitely should.

After being poorly and feeling very sorry for myself on Tuesday,  I watched a good old Meg Ryan rom com ‘You’ve got Mail’ its my absolute favourite, I used to dream of owning a book shop when I was younger – it perked me up no end!


I have read some great blog posts lately including a great one from Scouse Bird Problems

It describes bloggers and influencers pretty perfectly. I remember years ago before the days of social media (yes I am that old!) I used to buy so many magazines and see clothes on models or celebrities that I liked and sometimes go out and buy them. Now I tend to look on Instagram or blogs for this. In fact, I read a post on More than Toast only last week and ordered a pair of Topshop leggings that she was promoting! So this kind of marketing definitely works!


Squeals of delight! We are working with Baker Ross and have had a huge box of crafts delivered – the girls are very excited to get started.


Wellies!! We found snow at the weekend and it was coming down fast. Oh it was cold though!! I am so looking forward for a little warmer weather.

Hunter wellies


Nothing at all – its been the least productive week ever! I hate weeks like this but I know that this happens occasionally and that’s life. In the past few months a week like this would have me in tears but I feel like my mindset has changed and I feel much more positive.

And Lastly

I have a little trip to IKEA planned today with my little boy- I’ve not been in absolute ages and I can’t wait to go spend some money on stuff I probably don’t need! I am also going to buy Alfie some pans in the hope he will stop getting mine out of the  cupboard!

How has your week been?

6 thoughts on “Getting Crafty, Snow and a little trip to IKEA #littleloves

  1. Love the sparkly wellies so fun. That cup is gorgeous. I keep waiting for them to start building the ikea they keep saying will be down the road from me as the other one is miles away but I could really do with an ikea trip soon hahahaha So much to buy love that place. Hope you have a fab weekend #littleloves

  2. I remember buying pans for the kids in the hope that the would leave mine alone ha ha! Love a good trip to IKEA though 🙂 I’ve not made anything either, we don’t need to beat ourselves up about that. xx

  3. I’ve not been to Ikea for absolutely ages and I keep trying to convince the husband to come along but he’s not keen. Unproductive weeks suck (I’ve had a couple of those too) but like you said, it’s your attitude towards it that makes all the difference. Accepting it and moving on feels much better than feeling frustrated by it for sure. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Love a trip to IKEA – hope you got some goodies. It’s okay to be unproductive sometimes – you’re body and mind needs a rest and will be back to its productive self in no time! Enjoy your week xx

  5. Ha ha I didn’t make anything ALL month! I think we beat ourselves up sometimes but we just need to relax a bit more. I told my kids the other day that when their dad and I started dating, we didn’t even have mobile phones! Or email! Madness. I cannot remember that life, can you? Oh a LOVE a trip to Ikea, think I need to go again really soon as we have one round the corner from us now. xx

  6. The question is – did the pans work? I have not been to IKEA for ages and would love to have a potter around. We are totally gutted as the snow alluded us all together. xx #LittleLoves

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