Football, Rain and New lipstick #littleloves

Football, Rain and New lipstick #littleloves

It’s Friday Yay! I have not done a #littleloves post for a few weeks so I thought I would make a bit of effort today. Its been a wet week –  oh my word we have been getting drenched on these school runs. Me and my husband are at a family wedding tomorrow (childfree I should add!) so I am hoping for a little bit of sunshine please.


Still struggling to find a book that I really love. I recently read Dorothy Koomson’s latest one called  ‘When I Was Invisible’ which was ok but didn’t have me turning the pages wanting more. I would welcome any recommendations please?

I actually bought the new Fearne Cotton cookbook Cook Happy Cook Healthy for my friend’s birthday and had a little flick through that and, whilst I’m not actually eating healthy right now (with no holiday abroad planned I have no motivation what so ever!), there were some tasty looking meals in there.

Fearne Cotton Cookbook


Not much – although we have watched many Disney Princess films this week I find it really tough to keep Harri entertained all day in the wet weather. We have been having a little film after lunch which has been quite nice as she is usually in need of a little down time by then!

Oh of course we have had the football on all week but I don’t actually mind watching it, I used to be a bit of a footie fan back in the day.

I am still desperate to go and see ‘Me Before You’ at the cinema


Just a whole lot of sad news – sometimes I wonder what is happening to the world.


Coats and umbrellas for sure – its been so wet. It was so lovely having a few weeks of sunshine I actually started to feel a little bit hopeful for our British summer.

I have also been wearing my new lipstick by Kylie Jenner. I am a little bit in love with it.

Kylie Jenner



We had a little trip to Liverpool last weekend and made some Liver Bird hats in the museum. I have also been making an effort to do some learning with Harri – we are learning our alphabet and trying to find different items in the house beginning with different letters, she quite enjoys it but not for too long ha. I have also been doing some spelling with Meme which she is brilliant at – sometimes she shocks me with how much she knows.

And Finally

We have got such a busy couple of weeks ahead with appointments, sports day, meeting Meme’s new teachers and taking Harri to visit her new pre school. Every morning Meme asks me ‘is it the summer holidays yet’ and I can’t wait to say yes Meme it is!!

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Fathers Day to all the Daddys. xxx


7 thoughts on “Football, Rain and New lipstick #littleloves

  1. It has been a sad week news wise, and the turn in the weather has dampened everyone’s spirits too! Like you, we are excitedly awaiting the summer holidays, and making up for it then! have a great week, and enjoy the wedding! #LittleLoves

  2. Oh I can’t wait for the summer holidays either but entertaining LB 24/7 is going to be tough! Totally with you wanting to see ‘me before you’ and not minding the footie oh and wanting to find a decent book to grip me! Enjoy the wedding today-I am hoping for sun and also that you get to enjoy some drinks and laughs with your hubby and friends x

  3. It was an unbelievable week for terrible news – fingers crossed for a better one not week. I hope you did have good weather or at least dry weather for the wedding. We can’t wait for the summer holidays either, but it has been a quick year so far. I love your picture, it’s so cute. Have a good week lovely xx

  4. The weather is rubbish here too. I hope you enjoyed your wedding (whatever the weather was like). I like the sound of your learning through play with your girls. I had no idea Fearn Cotton had done a recipe book.

  5. I quite fancy getting the Ferne Cotten book, wasn’t sure if the ingredients would be too weird for me though – I’m not into all the seeds and randomly named berries ha ha! I want to see Me Before You too. I’m thinking I may just take myself off to the cinema and watch it though, although I’m pretty sure I’ll end up embarrassing myself by sobbing uncontrollably and leaving the cinema drenched in mascara.

    Have a good week! x

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