Fitness, finding the time and doing it all….

Fitness, finding the time and doing it all….

So last month I returned to the gym, I know we are 5 months into the year and I should be ashamed with myself but, in my defence, it has been a tough year and also the year so far has just flew by. I wrote this post about losing my fitness mojo back in October and, to be honest, I still haven’t found it. I really struggle with finding the time and motivation to get back into it, I am not a person who enjoys exercise but I think now more than ever before I need it.

I need that tired but energised feeling you get after exercise, I need that time at the gym to try and switch off, I need to be able to sleep better at night. Exercise does me so much good but I just don’t enjoy it. I always feel a pang of jealousy when people talk about how much they enjoy running (my husband is one of these people) or love their yoga class but I just don’t, am I missing something? I have tried it all, running, yoga, pilates, tone and sculpt, metafit and the list goes on.

I’m not sure how to fix this, I know that I just need to get into a routine of going in the hope that I will start to enjoy it, or maybe I need to keep searching for a class that I will enjoy (if one exists). Or maybe I just need to get on with it – an hour a day a couple of times a week – drag myself to a class?

I definitely struggle with my time keeping, with 2 children, a part time job, house chores and blogging I struggle to have any spare time at all (keeping in mind I do want to spend a little bit of time with my husband). I don’t want anything to suffer but at the moment my fitness it the one thing that I have dropped. I know there are other people out there who have more children, work more hours, own a much tidier home (honestly that is not hard right now) and are churning out amazing interesting blog posts every day. I am intrigued, how do they do it? Any tips would be much appreciated…

This week I picked myself up a class timetable and set myself a challenge – 2 trips to the gym/class a week…wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “Fitness, finding the time and doing it all….

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I find it so hard to fit everything some times. I have signed up for a 10k and it’s so hard to find time to train! These babies take up so much time! 🙂 xx #BloggerClubUK

  2. I had to give up going to fitness classes as I just couldn’t keep it all up but I do want to try and get back to yoga once a week but for now I’m doing it at home. I do Yoga with Adrienne on you tube so it I don’t have much time I can just choose a 15 minute one. Before I did that though I used to feel just like you, I hated exercise but this just clicked for me. I’m sure there will be something out there, maybe it’s more about the instructor than the type of exercises. It can be so hard to try to squash everything into those few child free hours! I hope you manage to get some time and find something you love doing xx

  3. I really don’t like the thought of exercising, but once I get started I do enjoy it so the hard part for me is actually motivating myself to start. Good luck 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  4. Sounds like you’re almost there and at the edge of getting your mojo back 🙂 good luck babe I’m a bit of a fair weather fittness girl, when its sunny get out and get moving, rainy, dvd day and most importantly I try my best to enjoy it. thanks for sharing g #BloggerclubUK

  5. Good luck! I fall off the fitness wagon regularly. The only time I manage a decent routine is if I force it into my routine for example after I’ve dropped my son at nursery I go straight to the gym or when I pick him up I go or a walk. It stops being a choice and starts being a thing I do #MarvMondays

  6. I can really relate to this and I usually love exercising and staying fit. But the evening feels really long if I don’t exercise because we eat dinner earlier, I shower earlier etc etc. Right now I just enjoy being able to sit on my laptop for a few minutes on a few evenings a week.

    I think these things come in peaks and troughs so you’ll get back in to it again. I often do short HIIT sessions and a bit of core in the evening because they are quick to squeeze in. Try Davina’s 7 minute workout dvd…


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