#Exploring Cheshire

#Exploring Cheshire

Having been born and bred in the city of Liverpool I honestly never thought that I would ever leave my beautiful city. Why would I, Liverpool had everything I needed. Then I fell in love. I found my perfect man and after many years together laughing and dating we broached the subject of where we would live.

Whilst Liverpool was always going to be home to me, my husband (to be) wanted something else. After years of studying and working in Liverpool he craved the peace and quiet of the countryside, open space, green fields and the sense of a village community to one day raise our children in. So, we chose Cheshire. It was an area that I wasn’t familiar with and I was a little nervous but honestly we have never looked back.

Here is why Cheshire is the perfect place to live:

  • You have all the peace and calm that living in the countryside brings yet you are close enough to three cool and vibrant cities – Liverpool, Chester and Manchester – definitely the best of both worlds!
  • There are plenty of farms to visit, which is perfect if you have little animal lovers and, if not, they all tend to have a great little playground in them.
  • Cheshire has so many woodland country walks all on your doorstep.
  • Cheshire has its very own amazing Ice Cream farm – seriously, if that’s not reason enough to move here then I don’t know what is.
  • It is a stone’s throw away from Wales – which is seriously perfect for its beautiful beaches and stunning mountains.
  • It is full of quaint little villages, full of beauty and charm and the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon pottering around.
  • There are so many family friendly things to do – Ness Gardens, Tatton Park, Chester Zoo, the list goes on.

Tempted? Check out for some amazing properties and developments available in Cheshire. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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