You Don’t Have To Get Out Of England To Have A Great Trip!

You Don’t Have To Get Out Of England To Have A Great Trip!

When a lot of people think about travelling, their minds tend to drift in the direction of faraway lands, mysterious cultures, and foreign surroundings. And this is pretty understandable. After all, one of the best things about travel is the fact that it allows you to discover new places and even learn some new things about yourself. However, that’s not always an option for a lot of people. Maybe you’re not a big fan of flying or maybe you just don’t have the budget for it. Either way, there’s no reason that not being able to get out of the country should stop you from having an amazing trip. With that in mind, here are wonderful destinations right here in England.


Let’s face it; if there’s one place in England that’s more of a travel destination than any other, it’s London. Pretty much everyone knows many of the reasons to visit London, but the truth is that England’s capital city has far more to offer than a lot of people realise. Sure, the hustle and bustle of the city are exciting, but there’s also the calm and relaxing atmosphere of the parks and the museums. Waking up in a Dorsett Hotel where the sounds of the city are a whole lot quieter brings out a whole new side to London that many people never get to experience. Even if you think you know the capital, why not give it another chance?


If you want excitement, then there’s no place better than Brighton. This city is one of England’s real creative and cultural hubs and with good reason. With all kinds of art and galleries to experience, as well as amazing shops to peruse, you might think that a single day in Brighton is all you need. But then you get to the nightlife. The nightlife in Brighton is unlike any other. Whether you’re after a romantic meal for two or a night out on the tiles, Brighton has you covered.


Or perhaps you would prefer a trip that’s just a little more refined? If that’s the case, then Cambridge might well be perfect. From the gorgeous architecture of Cambridge University’s various colleges to the wonderful little side alleys filled with independent shops, Cambridge is the perfect place for a relaxed weekend away. And that’s not even mentioning the natural beauty all around it, including the banks of the river Cam where you can watch the boats go by, or even hire one yourself to go punting down the river as you enjoy the sights.

You might assume that, as a citizen of a particular country, that you’ll never be able to find any new and exciting things to do and see. However, the truth is that no matter how familiar you are with a particular place, there are always going to be little-hidden secrets that you’ve never experienced before. The key is to actually get out and try to find them.


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