Children’s Wallpaper Ideas.
We are in love with our Inspired Wallpaper

Children’s Wallpaper Ideas.

The top of my house wish list was to revamp my girls bedroom into a ‘big girl’ room. Meme is 6 and Harri is 3 but their bedroom is still quite young with toys everywhere. Harri is also still sleeping in a cot bed which she was looking far too big for. We will also need the cot back for Alfie at some point.  

Children’s Wallpaper Ideas.

When I got the opportunity to work with ‘Inspired Wallpaper’ on a Valentine’s Day campaign to help you fall back in love with your home, I jumped at the chance. That is exactly what I want my girls to do – fall back in love with their bedroom. I want them to rush home after school to play in there, to have some adventures together, to let their imaginations run wild. A place where they can learn and read and, hopefully, sleep.

Some of my fondest memories are playing with my sisters in my bedroom and I want my girls to have a similar experience. With the arrival of our new baby there has been a lot of change in our house and I love the idea that they have a space that they can call their own.

Girls Bedroom Wallpaper

I knew it was going to be quite a task to find some wallpaper that would suit both girls. Meme is no longer interested in Disney Princess’ whilst Harri still loves them. Meme no longer wants a pink room whilst pink is Harri’s favourite colour. I felt like I definitely had a challenge on my hands!

As soon as I checked out Inspired Wallpaper’s wide collection I knew straight away what my girls would love. They had lots of children’s wallpaper ideas. There is so many lovely prints I am slightly tempted to choose one for my own bedroom instead! The website was really easy to use. You can search for a wallpaper by room, style or colour which made it really easy to find what you are looking for and to get some ideas if you don’t.

The wallpaper is called ‘it’s a dogs life’ and it is so fun and quirky. I know it will look perfect as a feature wall. It also has splashes of pink throughout it which would keep Harri happy. The girls loved it, quickly choosing their favourite doggy. The price is really reasonable and I am surprised at just how good the quality is.


We treated the girls to some new bunk beds, which we bought from Debenhams at an amazing price in the January sale, and I was even lucky enough to find some bedding on Amazon which complimented the girls wallpaper.

It turns out the real challenge was clearing out the toys. We have stripped the room right back so there is space for the girls to play, it was getting a little crazy in there to the point were we couldn’t find anything. It is far from perfect but there is a little more organisation. I am also being a little more strict in ensuring that toys are tidied up once they are finished with.

Overall, we love the results and we have all fallen a little in love with our girl’s bedroom!


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  1. i absolutely love the wallpaper, it looks fab and I bet your girls are delighted with it! #HomeEtc

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