A Good Day – My Captured Moment

A Good Day – My Captured Moment

Making plans with young children can be tough, I think we will go to a cafe and have tea and cake, the girls will play nicely colouring in,we can maybe do a little puzzle together – it will be a nice relaxing afternoon or maybe we could go the park, we can get some fresh air and play. Quite often these plans end up a lot better in your head than reality. Sometimes a trip to the cafe ends up in hyper children running around spilling drinks, the trip to the park can end up in falls and tears resulting in carrying them home in a tantrum. I wont lie, sometimes I get home after a day out thinking why do I bother even leaving the house!

Monday was an inset day for many schools so me and my friend Lisa decided to make plans with our Children. Lisa is a good friend but with 5 Children between us, 3 in school, after school activities and us both working part time, we do not have a spare minute to get together. We decided to meet at our local soft play centre – now I am not a fan of soft play, it is loud and chaotic and usually ends up with me walking around with Harri and getting stuck down the slide. However the weather wasn’t great and it was the last day of the holidays so we thought lets just go for it.

As predicted it was really busy but to our surprise all our Children walked off together to play, there were no tears, no fall outs, no shyness even though they had not seen each other in a while. It was nice and easy and really sweet to watch. After a few hours we left to get some fresh air and let the kids play on their scooters and bikes before bidding our farewells with a promise to meet again soon. It was a good day.

5 thoughts on “A Good Day – My Captured Moment

  1. Its so hard catching up on friends when you work isn’t it? Ooh just the word soft play sends a chill down my spine. But glad you had a fab day x

  2. Over the xmas holidays, despite the bad weather, I was determined not to go to a playbarn. On the last day I eventually gave in. Thankfully though we did manage to squeeze a few hours out between the showers. They just need that time to wear themselves out don’t they. Other kids and fresh air are usually the answer. Both together is ideal. 🙂 #MyCapturedMoment

  3. Yeap unfortunately the thought or dream of these days are always so much better than the reality. My two are normally pretty good but there’s always a drama of some sort. You did manage to get a fab shot though!! Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

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