Beginners guide to mountain biking

Mountain Biking for Beginners with the help of Halfords

My husband is a huge fan of mountain biking, so it was no surprise that as soon as Meme could walk, we started the process of learning to ride a bike. Starting with a balance bike, followed by a bike with stabilisers and, before we knew it, she was just three years old riding her princess bike with no stabilisers and no problems! Of course, as soon as she was a bit bigger she got her first mountain bike. Harri was the same and now, aged 4, she can confidently go on 5 mile bike rides with her Dad and big Sister.

Learning to ride her first mountain bike
Beginners guide to Mountain Bike
Cruising along on her mountain bike
Beginners guide to mountain bikes
Harri and her first bike.

Which just leaves me I guess, truthfully I have so far used the excuse of being pregnant or having to look after Alfie but, now my baby days are well and truely over and Alfie is big enough to go in a bike trailer, it is time for me to join my clan and get biking.

As nervous as I am about riding a mountain bike I know my girls would love me to join them on their bike riding trips, and not only that it will be so good for me to start exercising and getting in shape for the summer and truthfully there is no better way than getting out and about on your bike. So here are some of my husbands advice (he is quite the expert and I’m possibly the worst student) on starting out on a mountain bike.

  • Choose a mountain bike that suits you – there is so much choice and I actually remember feeling a little overwhelmed when choosing Meme’s mountain bike. Think about the size of the bike, wheel size, tyre type, suspension – but I guess more importantly trust the experts. Halfords have put together a Beginners Guide to Mountain Biking which has all the information you need including some great trails.
  • Go at your own pace – start slow, if you haven’t been on a bike for a while then you definitely need to build up your confidence. There is no rush, find a nice easy trail and just start off with what you are comfortable with.
  • Wear a helmet – I am so strict with this. I don’t even let my children sit on their bike without a helmet. There is nothing silly about being safe. If I don’t wear one then my children wont want to wear theirs. A bike helmet is a must!
  • Seat height – seek advice when buying your bike about the correct height for the seat, having the bike setup correctly can make biking so much easier
  • Stay hydrated – my husband and children make it look so easy but I know I will struggle. I plan to take water and lots of it!
  • Gears – learn to use them if you have them and practice looking at the terrain ahead and changing accordingly before you get to it
  • Once you have got used to your bike, push yourself, take risks and, most importantly, enjoy it!

So there we go, I am all ready to get exploring with my family on some bike rides especially in this glorious weather….all I have to do now is actually buy one! Now I am pretty sure the lovely people at Halfords can help me with that!

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11 thoughts on “Mountain Biking for Beginners with the help of Halfords

  1. How nice that the whole family go bike riding, I recently learned to ride a bike at an adult bike class but I am not very confident yet.

  2. I have been thinking about getting a bike for a little while but didn’t really know where to start so this post has been really helpful. I hope you find the right bike for you and enjoy your rides with the family

  3. Gosh, I can’t recall how long it’s been since I’ve been on a bike. I do encourage the little ones to cycle and they love it! Halfords is my go to for all our bike needs as they are so helpful at assembly and even just fixing little odds and ends.

  4. I hadn’t been biking for many years until we went to Centreparcs with our children. At the time they were really small and we pulled them along in a pod, until they were old enough to have their own bikes.
    Whilst I don’t have a bike at home, I always love arriving at Centreparcs and going to get my bike. Even being quite unfit, the feeling of flying along on a bike is one I adore. I wish I could do it more!

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