A Competition, Some Much Needed Sunshine and a Big Thank You #Littleloves

Hello, I wasn’t planning to join in with this week’s #littleloves but when Morgana contacted me to inform me that the #littleloves would no longer be a weekly link up after today (it will now be monthly) I knew I had to join in for the last week. Long before I started blogging I used to enjoy reading these posts hearing about everybody’s week, in fact reading these posts have been a little Friday tradition so I will definitely miss it.

Here are this week’s Little Loves:


Me and my husband have been watching Designated Survivor on Netflix – I wasn’t too sure about it a first but I am actually really enjoying it now.

I have also been a little obsessed with The Mummy Diaries – my weekly little guilty pleasure with Sam and Billy.


I haven’t read a book in a while now. I bought the Red Magazine which had some great articles in and has definitely become a monthly fix of mine.

I also have enjoyed reading Hannah Gale’s blog post about ‘Fighting to hold on to my Identity’ which inspired me to write my own post about being more than just a Mummy.


More than just a Mummy
Me and my three.


Silence – the last few weeks my Manager has allowed me to work from home on a Thursday morning. Now I never have time alone, I am either in a busy office or with the children – so these few hours alone midweek are golden. Complete and utter quiet. Now I wouldn’t want it every day but I do appreciate my Thursday mornings.


We had a heatwave!! hooray!! How glorious was the weekend? My girls were in Summer dresses and my Alfie had shorts on – even I had my legs out!! Summer hats were on as were sunglasses and sun cream – although they are definitely not needed today!

Bodnant Gardens
In their own little world.


It was lovely to feel some warm sun on my skin, it has given me a much needed boost.


I have been trying to customise my girl’s denim jackets with some enamel pins¬†and have decided to get some myself to try and make my clothes a little more exciting! You can also be in with a chance to win a set of enamel pins by Old English by entering this competition! Good Luck!

And Finally.

I have a little breakfast date planned with my best friend tomorrow which I am looking forward to – I am also spending the afternoon with my Sisters, Nieces and Nephews so there will be lots of fun, chaos and noise!

A huge thank you to Morgana for hosting, sharing and commenting each week!


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3 thoughts on “A Competition, Some Much Needed Sunshine and a Big Thank You #Littleloves

  1. That sun was just so lovely wasn’t it, I felt so positive and energetic! Looking forward to the spring/summer even more now. We’ve been watching Designated Survivor too (though have lost momentum a little currently) and are really enjoying it. Now off to read your more than just a mummy post. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I’m missing the sunshine already. Fingers crossed it comes back again soon. Your Thursday mornings sound heavenly. It’s amazing how productive you can be when you have a little peace and quiet isn’t it. Have a great weekend x #littleloves

  3. The sunshine was gorgeous wasn’t it? I love your dress – it’s so pretty! We’ve got Designated Survivor on our ‘must-watch’ list – my husband and I were huge fans of ’24’ so we’re keen to see how this compares. My eldest daughter collects pins so I’ll have to have a look at the ones in your competition.

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