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Dinner time made easy

Dinner time at my house is hectic and I must admit quite unsuccessful. Having three little ones who all like different food can be hard at times, especially with Alfie who is still experimenting with different tastes and very much transitioning from formula to solids. I need meal times to be fast, healthy and of course delicious!

That is why I simply cannot live without my microwave, it makes meal times so much easier even when the little ones want different food. I recently discovered a new range of combination microwaves by Panasonic that combine the power of steam, grill, bake and microwaves to cook food fast whilst retaining vitamin, keeping meals healthier and tastier! Which sounds perfect and for the wish list I think.

I have put together some easy and yummy snack and meals that both me and my little ones enjoy (and they are a hard crowd to please) and can be made nice and easy in the microwave.

  • Jacket Potato – definitely one of mine and Harri’s favourite things to eat, nice and fast in the microwave and topped with butter and cheese!
  • Scrambled Egg – I have only just started making scrambled egg in the microwave and it tastes just as delicious.
  • Rice – I always microwave my rice, it takes a couple of minutes and is cooked nice and fluffy. I team it with some sliced vegetables and a splash of soy sauce and me and Alfie devour it!
  • Omelette – We love these, especially Harri, I add some tomato and cheese (and my husband likes a bit of pesto), pop it in the microwave and there you have it a tasty meal.
  • Microwave mug pizza – now this is a real treat. Meme absolutely loves pizza and this is no exception. It is delicious and so easy to make and you can add any toppings that you like! A favourite for my girls.

Before I had Children I always thought we would all eat the same but reality sometimes just isn’t like that and using my microwave makes it easier to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Do you have any yummy recipes that can be made in the microwave?


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6 thoughts on “Dinner time made easy

  1. Well I’ve never heard of a microwave mug pizza and now I am intrigued as to what you do. I’ve also never microwaves rice but that sounds good if it only takes a few minutes, is it just traditional long grain rice you use? Mich x

  2. Ooh anything that helps meal times be easier is amazing! We always microwave our rice too but that’s about it, I think I’m missing a trick here! I need to know about microwave mug pizza!!!

  3. Reading this post has made me hungry now lol You have a lot of great easy recipes here. I use my microwave to reheat but haven’t used it to cook food from scratch before. You have given me some ideas here!

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