A room for Alfie with Bidvine

A room for my boy…with a little help from Bidvine

I remember when Meme was born she had a nicely decorated room all ready for her even though she didn’t actually sleep in there until she was almost a year old. It was decorated in lemon and white with pretty accessories dotted around. Then came Harri, we didn’t actually decorate her bedroom until she was born. When we realised we had another girl we decorated it lilac and pink all ready for her. Both really beautiful pretty extremely girly rooms.

Then along came my Alfie and unlike my girls my poor boy doesn’t have a bedroom yet. It is currently the play room which is absolutely full of toys and is lilac which obviously isn’t an ideal colour for a boy. We don’t have much time left as no doubt he will need to go into his own bedroom soon (sob!).

The problem I have is time. With three little ones keeping me very busy I just don’t have any time to decorate or paint the room and make it special for my lovely boy. I thought about trying to get some quotes from some local decorators but even that can take so long and I honestly wouldn’t even know where to begin! That’s when I discovered Bidvine – which was like a beacon of light.

If you are not familiar with Bidvine, it is a fast and easy way to find online quotes for a number of local services including plumbers, photographers, music lessons and, in my case, a painter and decorator. Bidvine was really simple to use, all I had  to do was fill in a quick form answering questions about my requirements and then Bidvine did all the hard work. Within a couple of days I had received some quotes from local companies. It was that easy! It was like having my very own personal assistant.

So all I have to do now is actually clear the room out ….hmmm, I wonder if Bidvine could help me with that?


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6 thoughts on “A room for my boy…with a little help from Bidvine

  1. Life is just so busy when you have children and having more than one it makes it even harder to get these jobs done. I love sites like this that make our lives easier. I’m sure he will have his room soon x

  2. I love Bidvine too! As parents we need all the help we can get, and anything that saves time is a hit with me! I hope you get the room cleared soon. Harry was in with us for almost three years for this very reason!!!

  3. This sounds like such a great idea – so often with things like this it’s the time and faff in finding someone and arranging it all that is the biggest barrier. Good luck with getting the room cleared! (As I write this I’m typing in my office / nursery – it’s going to have to double up in use for a while – until baby no.2 is old enough to demand that my desk vacates his room!)

  4. Sounds like a great idea. I love his face in the picture, we had the same cardigan for G, I loved it! It was one of the things I bought months before he was born. xx

  5. I was so excited when I realised I could do a boy nursery. We didn’t know if he was a boy or girl until we met him, I had a neutral from set up already done, but was so excited to add some blue YAY! Aspen’s room was pink, for April we had a soft yellow with touches of pink. So same as you very girly. I would have been happy to have 3 girls but I was excited to finally buy boy clothes and decorate his nursery. I mainly went with some navy and red with a little bit of light blue.

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