My Harri’s Nativity

So last Monday was quite a special day, it was Harri’s first nativity at preschool. I was a little worried I would miss it as it was so close to my due date (I needn’t have worried, I’m still pregnant as I write this almost a week later) but luckily me and my Husband were both able to make it.

It was simply lovely, the preschoolers are still so young and it was funny watching them sing and say some lines. Harri was an angel and she looked so beautiful and seemed so grown up. Harri doesn’t like attention so I was intrigued to see how she would react with being on a stage but she was fine, waving away to me and blowing me kisses. She makes me feel so proud.

It brings a tear to my eye acknowledging my baby growing up. We have recently applied for her school place to start in September and obviously within a week or so she will no longer be the baby of the family. Seriously, where is the time going?

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  1. Harry looks so grown up, beautiful and well angelic!! This is an absolutely stunning shot of her. Poppy was an angel in her nursery nativity play and did an amazing job stood in the middle of the stage. Her one line was ‘Jesus is born’.

    Thank you for supporting My Captured Moment for the past two years xxx

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