The week I’ve been dreading

What a week it has been – not the best but definitely necessary. I wrote a post a couple of months ago about my Harri requiring an operation. Nothing too major but she would need a general anastetic, which quite franlkly terrified me.

After 6 months of cancelling appointments we finally got one scheduled for Tuesday. The date wasn’t ideal, we would have just returned home from our trip to Bluestone and I knew we would be tired and grumpy. However, I needed to get this operation done and dusted, it had been hanging over us all for almost a year and I didn’t want to waste any more of our year waiting and worrying.

I woke up on Tuesday morning with nervous butterflies and a lump in my throat, we had all been dreading this day for a while and now it was finally here. So off we went to our local Children’s hospital Alder Hey feeling scared and sad. We were advised by Dr’s to have this operation, but you never know if you are making the right decision. Questions were running through our head – Are we doing the right thing? What if something goes wrong? Is this the best option for Harri? I suppose sometimes all you can do is to put your trust in the professionals and hope that they realise that they have your whole world in their hands.

Luckily the morning went quite fast which was probably due to the amazing staff  – I can’t praise them enough. They made Harri (and me) feel so at ease, the hospital, the different people, the scary machines didn’t phase her – she didn’t cry at all – I felt so proud of her. I wont lie, it was hard especially when they put her to sleep in my arms – I wont forget that for a long time and then of course the waiting. It was only an hour but we felt every second of it, waiting, hoping, praying until we got confirmation that she was back from surgery. The procedure was a success and she was fine, full of beans the moment she woke up – of course we have follow up appointments and their is always risk of infection but I feel like we can now draw a line under it.

It is funny because Tuesday night when I went to bed I felt different – I have been such a grump lately, irritable and emotional but I now feel like a weight has been lifted from me. I didn’t realise how much stress this must have been causing me.

So not the most exciting of weeks but a very important one. I hope now that we can all start afresh and begin to enjoy the rest of the year.

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16 thoughts on “The week I’ve been dreading

  1. Ah lovely I think all Mums can identify with what you’re saying, I’d also have been terrified with the prospect of a general anaesthetic. But it sounds like you handled it brilliantly for little Harri and I am so pleased everything went well with the op. Big hugs honey xx #KCACOLS

  2. I am so glad it is over with and Harri is ok, there is nothing more terrifying than your children being in hospital, anaesthetic must be so scary, onwards and upwards now xx

  3. I am glad all was ok lovely and that the staff looked after you. No wonder you have been stressed, no one wants their children to have an operation. Hope you can all put it behind you now and enjoy the summer. xx

  4. Oh I’m so glad that it all went well! I’m
    Not surprised you were worried, even when you think it’s ok it just have been playing on your mind, it’s only natural! You must be so relieved now it is done with and sounds like Harri has made you proud, so glad you were both well looked after xx

  5. I think anyone would be worried with that on the horizon, mum always has to be strong and its hard when you are terrified of the unknown! So happy it went well though and you can breathe a sigh of relief, nice to know you were looked after and had a positive experience under the circumstances. What a brave little chick x

  6. My daughter fell off a park bench when she was just 2 and chipped her front tooth down the middle. Because they were worried that it would get infected, they said it would need to come out, so she had to go to hospital and be put under. I totally understand your anxiety. It was horrible watching her go to sleep. We were so relieved when she woke up, but it’s hard to watch them when they’re a little groggy. I’m so glad it all went well with your little one. Hooray for the wonderful drs and nurses. #MarvMondays

  7. Such a big event in your lives. I cant even imagine how stressful and worrying it must have been to have it hanging over you all for so long. But its great to hear that it went well and that for the best part it is behind you now. I hope you can all enjoy the rest of the summer and year without the worry of it there in the background. What a week. Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  8. I’m so glad its over for you. Must have been so worrying having that hanging over your head for months. Now you can all move on. xx

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

    Rachel xx

  9. It’s so completely understandable. I’d have been majorly stressed too. So glad for you it’s all over and done with and I hope you’re both ok and having a much calmer week this week xx
    #ordinarymoments x

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