Underfloor Heating VS. Radiators- Which Will Keep You The Warmest This Winter?

When it comes to heating your home, radiators may be the most common choice, however more people are starting to choose an underfloor heating overlay to warm their rooms, so which is best?

Radiators may be a tried and tested way of keeping your home warm, however they are not the only solution. These days, there are modern and efficient underfloor heating systems which can keep your spaces cosy and comfortable without being a visible eyesore. There are pros and cons to warming your home with both radiators and underfloor heating overlays, but which is actually the most effective when you want to stay warm this winter?

Is Underfloor Heating Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is key to reducing your home’s carbon footprint as well as slashing your heating bills. Underfloor heating has been shown to be more energy efficient than traditional radiators, requiring considerably less energy to run – up to 40% less energy in fact. Radiators have a smaller surface area than a floor, and so more heat needs to be produced by a radiator in order for the warmth to be experienced throughout the entire room. As underfloor systems heat from below, no heat will be wasted whereas heat from radiators is often lost to the ceiling since heat naturally rises. It is also possible for underfloor heating to be operated via solar panels or heat pumps for an even more eco-friendly heating solution. This ensures that underfloor heatingis more energy efficient than a traditional radiator.

The Cost Of Underfloor Heating

One of the reasons that some people prefer not to install underfloor heating is because of the high initial outlay, however it is important to consider that in the long run, these systems repay the outlay cost several times over since they are so energy efficient, especially if they are used in conjunction with renewable source of energy. Conventional radiators, on the other hand, are much cheaper to install in the first place, and are usually already in place in the majority of properties meaning that they are a cost effective solution for those who are on a tight budget and who cannot find a large amount of money to pay out for a new type of heating system.

Comparing the Appearances Of Heating Systems

There is no comparison when it comes to the appearance of an underfloor system and a radiator. Radiators are bulky and take up wall space inside your room. Large radiators are very noticeable and can also get very dirty since they are hard to clean, meaning that they are not a very hygienic heating solution. Conversely, underfloor systems are invisible and cleaning is not an issue since they are below the floorboards. They also take up no space inside your room, giving you additional wall space.

Comfort And Speed Of Heating

One of the downsides of choosing an underfloor heating system is that it takes quite a long time to warm up to the right temperature. Radiators are capable of heating an entire room within around half an hour, and are usually hot within 5 minutes, however underfloor systems take a lot longer, and may take up to 2 hours before the room is thoroughly heated. This could be a problem, especially on the coldest days of the winter.

On the upside, however, underfloor systems are programmable so that they can heat the room around the clock, keeping the temperature permanently over 16 degrees Celsius, so waiting for it to come up to temperature will never be an issue. They also take a longer time to cool than a radiator, so the room will retain heat for longer. This makes underfloor systems ideal in busy family homes.

When it comes to comfort, the feel of a warm floor under your bare feet is hard to beat, and this can only be supplied by an underfloor system. They are also silent running, whereas radiators are often noisy, making ticking sounds as they warm up.

Overall, although both radiators and underfloor heating systems work well to keep your home warm, an underfloor system will ensure that your property is more energy efficient and eco-friendly. It will also feel more luxurious, and can save you money in the long run.

Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies is a specialist in designing and supplying underfloor heating systems for both commercial and residential premises. They can ensure that your home remains warm and comfortable throughout the winter.


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