Things I’ve been loving in February

I actually can’t believe that I am writing this and that another month is over. I am happy to be able to say it’s Spring though and hopefully warmer weather is on the way (although I do remember March 2013 with its heavy snow so I’m not going to get too excited!)

I feel like I am going to struggle to write this as the month has just whizzed by and I can’t seem to remember all that much of it but here goes…


I have been a bit rubbish on the fashion front as I am still struggling to fit into lots of my pre pregnancy clothes. I have however treated myself to some new dungarees from H&M – not one pair but two. I keep telling myself I will return a pair but who am I kidding.

I have however been wearing a new cross over bag a gift from my husband for Valentines day. I love the colour and it is the perfect size to fit in my camera.

The White Stuff

If you follow me on social media you will see that  my girls have got some new wellies which are so cool.

My husband has been wearing his new JORD wood watch which we are all really impressed with.

JORD Wood watch


Nothing to report at all. No new furniture or decor just lots and lots of flowers. We have been making a little more effort to keep the girls bedroom a bit tidier since it has been decorated but after half term last week it is looking pretty messy!

There is so much I want to do with our home but at the moment (and the foreseeable future) we do not have any time or any spare money. Next on the list is definitely a room for Alfie.


With a new baby and my husband starting a new job life has been pretty hectic but we are slowly getting ourselves into a little routine. After craving home in January, I have started to potter out a bit more this month seeing friends and introducing Alfie to people and places. I am finding my feet with the school run and looking forward to the lighter evenings.

We have had half term and although the weather was pretty dismal we had a lovely week off together. It is so nice to have a break from the school run and spend some time with my girls.

I really need to start thinking about exercise and cutting out the biscuits but oh its so hard – I have such a sweet tooth! I am hoping as the weather gets a little warmer it will encourage me to start getting into some kind of fitness routine.

I’m hoping March will be a good month. I have a date night planned with my lovely man and a night out with my best friend also scheduled which I’m really looking forward to.

How has February treated you?

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11 thoughts on “Things I’ve been loving in February

  1. Quite honestly I’m surprised you remember anything at all with 3 children under 5 – I know that I didn’t! Lovely way to try and remember the good bits though. Love your little cross over bag – so useful! And what a thoughtful husband for buying it. Enjoy your date night, sounds like a great plan. xx

  2. I love the colour of your bag it’s amazing! I have a yellow bag at the moment and it’s making me crave spring! Dungarees sound awesome, I haven’t worn any for years – so comfy and cool! #thelistlinky

  3. Oh I love your new bag – perfect spring colour! It sounds like you’ve got into the swing of things as a family of five so quickly. We’ve had a really quiet February too – I’m looking forward to a more exciting March! We have a date night planned for this weekend, as well as a few family trips out. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. Love the pop of yellow colour on your new bag and the wellies. Do make sure to rest and relax before throwing yourself into major house improvements. #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. My husband was only talking about it snowing in March a few years ago, I don’t remember it! I love your new bag, fab colour for spring. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

  6. Ah i like this style of post! I’ve decided to do a monthly “what I want to do” type post at the start f each month and then i can cross back and look at what we’ve done. It’ll be nice to record the moments/progress. #SharingtheBlogLove x

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