self care during lockdown

Self Care during Lockdown.

When you lead a busy life (like most people do) self care is rare, there is always someone or something that comes first. Children, husbands, elderly parents, work, house work. The lists goes on. So I am sure that now during lockdown the thought of having any time for self care it pretty much impossible….

homeschooling week 8

Homeschooling Week 8

Homeschooling week 8, the week we lost our way a little. Very little school work was done in week 8. Following the Prime Ministers speech on Sunday 10th I felt really low waking up on the Monday morning. I am missing my family so much. Generally I am quite positive and can put a smile…

Celebrating VE Day

Homeschooling Week 7

Our homeschooling week 7¬†was mostly about celebrating VE Day. It is funny because we have never celebrated it before and I am not sure if it is because we are on lockdown and need something to celebrate or because it is the 75 year anniversary. Either way we have had lots of fun. We spent…

Homeschooling with a toddler

Homeschooling Week 6

Homeschooling week 6. Another week of teaching, entertaining and making the most of our time together. The weather forecast was not as good as it has been, with a little bit of rain due which worried me. However it wasn’t too bad. We still managed to get outdoors quite a it which definitely helps break…

Homeschooling week 5

Homeschooling Week 5

  Homeschooling week 5, I actually had to check what week it was as I have completely lost count. As the weeks go on it is definitely harder to find different ways to make learning exciting and different. Homeschooling week 5 was a little easier because we had the hot sunshine. The weather has been…

Homeschooling week 4

Homeschooling Week 4

Homeschooling week 4. It was still the Easter holidays for us however due to a very long week 3 without much planning. We all decided that we would have a schedule for this week. It works so much better for all of us. This week I have asked the girls to write a letter to…