Room to Grow - Snuggle Sac

Getting cosy with Snuggle Sac

As my girls are getting a little older, they are always asking can they have a friend over to stay the night and my answer is always a firm no! They are far too young, I am not ready to start having other children stay over and also there is simply no place for them…

My Little Ray of Sunshine

It is just one more month before my lovely girl turns 5 and almost the end of her first school year. It seems like a lifetime ago when she was with me, pottering around and helping with Alfie. She has grown so much and it has been lovely to watch, she  is my cheeky one,…

April loves

Life Lately – April

Well, April was a super speedy month!! It was actually really a nice month with school holidays and some sunshine. Adventures The girls spent the first 2 weeks of April on their Easter holidays which was lovely – we had some fun days, caught up with friends and the lack of routine was just so…

making plans for our home

Making plans for our home

Towards the end of the year an opportunity arose… there was the potential of buying a new house. When we bought our current home back in 2012 it was a new build and very much out of our price range. However, after much consideration, we went for it and we are so glad we did….