Meme and Harri Bikes

My girls and their bikes

My husband spends as much time as he can on a bike, he goes out a few times a week on his road bike for exercise and when he has more time he spends time on his mountain bike. Whilst I am not a big fan of bikes ( My balance is not great!) he loves them so I wasn’t surprised when, as soon as then girls started walking, he was making plans for getting the girls bikes.

We started with a balance bike for Meme when she was 2, I had never heard of a balance bike before  but my husband assured me that it would be good for her and she did enjoy it. The idea is they push themselves along until they can get their balance and then they can lift their feet up when confident and roll along.  We used to go on it often and, before we knew it, she was whizzing along.  She was ready for a big girl bike so, for her 4th birthday we bought her one, it was a lilac and pink Disney princess with streamers, a sleeping beauty bell and a seat for her dolly’s – perfect for Meme. She was delighted! She got on it and once she got used to the pedals she was off. We only left the stabilisers on very briefly.

It is such a father daughter bond, teaching them to ride a bike. I actually remember my first bike, it was shiny red with a white basket. I also remember my Dad teaching me but I do think I was quite a bit older than Meme.

My husband was right, thanks to the balance bike it didn’t take her long at all to get her balance and we haven’t looked back – she loves it and goes on bike rides quite often with my husband, people stop to watch her in amazement.  We are now looking to buy her a new bike for her birthday.

The past 9 months we have been introducing Hari to balance bike and she is slowly getting used to it – and before long we will have her on a bike (which will no doubt mean I will have to get on one!)

I have fond memories of playing on my bike with my sisters and friends when I was younger and I am looking forward to seeing both of my girls whizzing along together on theirs.


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11 thoughts on “My girls and their bikes

  1. Gorgeous shots. My eldest has a balance bike and we are going to get her a big girl bike for her 2nd birthday in a coupe of months, I love the idea of the dolls seat on the back. Alice would love that too, I will look out for one x

  2. Neither me or Misery Guts have bikes, but the kids do and love them! Perhaps in time we should all get one for some family adventures – it sounds fun! #SundayStars

  3. Isn’t that funny, it was my dad that taught me to ride too – maybe it’s a Dad thing? I’m so glad they’re loving riding, it sounds like it might be a family passion in years to come – all you need is an upgraded version of the trailer for little kids and you can have them pull you along while you have a cup of tea and read a magazine!!

  4. My Dad bought H a balance bike for his 2nd birthday but he has shown no interest in it yet despite my best efforts. Perhaps that is what it is, I am the wrong parent that is trying to get him to use it! 🙂 Such a good sport/pastime for you all to get involved in. Looks like the weather was good for it too #SundayStars

  5. I’ve always heard good things about balance bikes and it sounds like a really special bonding thing for your girls and their Daddy. I think this will be the year we buy z a proper bike!

  6. I have a feeling that there is no escaping you getting on a bicycle. With your husband so keen and the girls taking off I can see family cycle trips on the horizon . I remember only too well teaching my own to cycle here on the farm and now a family trips along the camel trail are a great way to spend a family day. Thank you for sharing the girls bike riding with me on #CountryKids

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