Bed time woes, too much spending and a nativity #LittleLoves

Bed time woes, too much spending and a nativity #LittleLoves

Yippee only one week left in school, we are flying through December. Today I am going to see my little angel in her first nativity play and I am so excited!

Here are my #LittleLoves


I have been reading with Meme this week, and she has been amazing I can’t believe how good she is – I’m a very proud Mummy.

I have also been reading my credit card bill – eek! I can safely say we wont be spending for a few months after Christmas!


I am currently writing this watching ‘Deck the Halls’ – great Christmas film!


I have heard a lot of crying at bed time, Harri has always been a great sleeper but the last week or so she has been a nightmare going to bed. We have decided to move both girls into the same bedroom and see if that helps with the bedtime routine. Wish me luck!


It was a welly weekend for all of us!



We have (finally) got ourself into a little routine after school, it is usually a film straight when we get home and then crafty time – this week the girls have been making shapes with play dough and baking some pastries.


 And finally

I have been potty training Harri, I was dreading it but she has took to it really well. I can’t believe how grown up my girls are.


4 thoughts on “Bed time woes, too much spending and a nativity #LittleLoves

  1. Oh, how I cute, I hope your angel does well in her nativity. I hope the sleep situation improves for you soon, it’s so hard for everyone when kids don’t sleep well. x #littleloves

  2. Totally sympathise with you on the sleep front, Our three and 22month old have been in waves of bad sleep after sleeping so well. It makes for very tired children and parents right? its been a little better but phases always happen, so handy when expecting your fourth baby either, oooosh.

    Its so hard adjusting to school and building new routines isn’t it, I’m still trying to balance it with my three.

    Well done with the potty training, i’ve been very fortunate with my girls, I think my little boy will be another story though, lol. x

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